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Royal Lacrosse Caption Contest lax photo
Caption this photo to win!

It’s FRIDAY!!!!! And that means another great caption contest on!  First, we’ll announce last week’s winner, and then we’ll get on to this week’s contest, which ALSO includes a link to a Royal Lacrosse giveaway.  Sooooo, you have TWO chances to win!  How cool is that?!?!?

Last week’s Caption Contest featured a high-flying player from the LowLands Tournament in the Netherlands.  Great shot by Patrick Niddrie, and a TON of great comments.  The winner was CLax23 with this gem:

Caption contest winner


CLax23 won a pair of LacrosseWear shorts AND a Warrior Evo3. CLax23, email your mailing address to us at!

But wait, there’s more…

Since the entries were SO good, we also picked a runner-up.  Joe Miller had a semi-sciencey comment, and we liked it.  Joe wins a pair of LacrosseWear shorts!  Email us your mailing address, JM!

Caption contest winner

ALMOST a Caption Contest winner


For this week’s Caption Contest, take a look at the photo below, then drop your caption in the comments section which is even more below.  The winner gets a pair of LacrosseWear Shorts!

But wait, there’s more…

There is also the chance to win a FREE head from Royal Lacrosse, so make sure you head over to their Facebook page and check out their contest!

Royal Lacrosse Caption Contest lax photo

Caption this photo to win!

Now get to commenting!  Winner selected by LAS!  Likes and Reply Comments by friends can only help!

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