Chaptown’s Facilities: The Jungle


A couple of weeks ago, Michigan unveiled plans for a new lacrosse facility. Not to be outdone, rival Chaptown Lax answered back with a video tour of their West Coast digs.

Check out Chapman’s facilities below and you tell us who you got in this head-to-head building battle royal; Orange, CA or Ann Harbor, MI?  (Editor’s note: You gotta watch the whole thing.)

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Jeff Brunelle
Founder of Lacrosse All Stars. A West Coast native and product of the MCLA, I moved back East after college where I truly fell in love with the game. I've dedicated my career to LaxAllStars since 2010, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I now live in my hometown of Boise, Idaho, with my wife Zoë, two dogs, and a baby girl expected to arrive around Championship Weekend this May. I'm a technologist at heart, I'm not into snow or the month of January, and one time I kind of stole a football from Gary Gait. Life is crazy busy, but it's worth it when you get to immerse yourself in the medicine of lacrosse every day. We are on a mission to Grow The Game® on a global scale by empowering storytelling by players, for players, and bridging the gap between lacrosse and the mainstream.


  1. Ummmm what facilities at Michigan is everyone talking about? Oosterbaan? That place is a piece. The weight room? Michigan lifts in the Student weight room.

    If this were a question of who has the better video about future facilities, sure give it to Michigan, but Chaptown's facilities blow away what Michigan is working with right now.

    • Oosterbaan is a piece? Compared to the gym most MCLA teams have to practice in? Most D1 teams wish they had a full indoor field. Michigan has two. They'll be in Glick in a year or two. Definitely not a piece. Google it.

      Current facilities = Chapman.
      Future facilities = Michigan, hands down. The Chapman weight room and locker room look like high school. Better than the nothing most club teams get, but not exactly cutting edge.
      Stadium = Chapman.
      Future stadum = Chapman still. When full, looks like the best game facility in the MCLA. I can pretty much gaurantee Michigan loves it as well.
      Babes = Chapman. Duh.
      Beach = Chapman. Duh again.
      Big time college experience = Michigan.
      Con Bro Chill = last year at Chapman, then what? how do you replace that?

      • Michigan is going to have incredible facilities, but you are right that Chapman still has it better than most MCLA teams. Those locker rooms are for the lacrosse team year round. When the school built new locker rooms for other sports, lacrosse was given the old facility. The weight room in the video is an athlete only weight room, and not the main campus weight room. Nice perk for the lax team to be able to use it. The stadium is also pretty legit. JP's new office is going to be great, but Coach Wood's is not bad (on field view from the 50 yard line)

  2. HA HA HA!! I watched the Chapman video first and got a good laugh at the end with the babes. Then watching the Michigan vid makes the Chaptown vid even funnier. I'm glad Michigan's design team made sure to point out the laundry facilites and the parent's lounge. Awesome job. Chapman takes it because it's hilarious and I am biased.