Charlie Sheen Lacrosse Clothing: Only A Matter Of TIme

Sheen tshirt Streaker Sports
Comfy T-shirt: check.

Lax players love Charlie Sheen.  Somewhat questionable judgement in my opinion, but his life is televised and he is incredibly entertaining… when he’s not freaking out.  Actually, scratch that.  He’s pretty much always entertaining.  His high point of entertainment was when he played Ricky Vaughn in Major League.  Before joining the Cleveland Indians, he was pitching in the California Penal League.  For stealing a car.  He came to Cleveland, got some glasses and a old catcher chock full of know how and BAM!  He was winning.  Well this shirt from Streaker Sports now makes a lot more sense!

Sheen tshirt Streaker Sports

Comfy T-shirt: check.

Excellent work by these guys.  Pre-orders available now.  So what do you all think?

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