Chasing Hercules: Hawai’i 2012 – Day 1

wing view - hawaii
What a sight!

Editor’s NoteMalcolm Chase is back on LAS with more from the 2012 Hawai’i Lacrosse Invitational. Malcolm is an LXM PRO, lacrosse rat, and a staple out in Hawai’i with Wimmer Solutions. Oh yeah, he’s also a mean takeaway artist! Make sure to follow Malcolm on Twitter @longstickmid23.



We are cruising over the Pacific and only about 30 minutes remain until our arrival in Honolulu. Now that I am a Hawaii Tourney veteran, this should be no big deal, right? Wrong. Hawaii 2011 taught me that this is a HUGE deal. My heart rate is up and I can feel a few butterflies swirling around already.

wing view - hawaii
What a sight!

This experience is bigger than any of us. Some of my teammates are regarded as the best lacrosse players in the World, and yet they all subscribe to the same notion; that no one is above working their butts off when we hit the field together in our fresh Nike Wimmer unis on Friday!

A prime example of this was last year, when Max Seibald got stripped in the Championship Game – which almost never happens – then recovered and chased the ball thief nearly 50 yds, stripped him with a vicious wrap check, sprinted 50 yds back with the ball and ripped a nasty shot, ensuring that the possession, and eventual 1 goal game, would not be lost.

No one is above the idea that Wimmer is a family, and the people whose lives we try to improve are part of our family. Once again there will be a number of charities that will benefit if both our Master’s and Elite teams accomplish the goal of winning their respective championships. I am looking forward to hearing who and what we are playing for this year in this regard. Matt Sauri, our fearless leader and CEO of Wimmer Solutions, is very strict on the status and minimum % of funds that must go directly to the cause of the organization.

hawaii bar
A little shade goes a long way.

We have a team meeting Thursday night where I will learn more about those causes and will share with all of you readers. In addition, I have a very personal cause that I am dedicating my tournament to that I will get into detail for you in my next entry. I am so excited to be with my buddies in paradise and play the game that we all love so much.

For now, enjoy the photos and don’t feel too sorry for us out here. Ha Ha!

Much more Hawaii action to come…



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