CitrusTV Lacrosse Preview Bloopers

Joel White Lacrosse Syracuse Maryland lax
Excited to see this match up EVERY year!

We love it when people can have a good time at their own expense.  We give our own Connor Wilson a hard time, but only because he deserves it.  The guys and gals over at CitrusTV probably don’t deserve this treatment, but they mug for the camera all day, so a couple of bloopers are always funny, and totally expected.  CitrusTV is an entirely student run organization that provides over 300 Cuse students with the chance to work on television shows while in college.  It’s funded through the Student Association at the school.  Very cool stuff.  Makes sense since Cuse has a renowned Communications Department.  After we see the “pros”, we get to the players (Joel White of Syracuse) and they can’t seem to get it right in one shot either.  No harm done; they’re all having fun and for the observer, it results in a couple of laughs.  Lax on TV!  It’s a good thing!  Great job by the kids at CitrusTV!  They’ve got a bright future and hopefully, some of them will choose to go into lacrosse broadcasting.  They can even follow in the footsteps of ex-Cuse lacrosse star, Paul Carcaterra, if they can find their way into the booth!

Joel White Lacrosse Syracuse Maryland lax
Joel White for Syracuse on the field...

Main Photo courtesy (Editor’s Note: Man, they have awesome photo galleries!)