Clarkson Women’s Lacrosse Takes On Orlando

LAS water bottle disney orlando
Hello LAS!

Just a little LaxAllStars at Disney. If I am stuck iceing on the sidelines, at least I’ll be productive.

This post took a while to come about, I don’t know if it was the misery of returning to Upstate NY and below freezing temps, or the fact that there are 5 weeks left in the semester and I have a project in every class, or a nasty combo of the two.

2 weeks ago we left the Albany airport with 15 players ready to take Disney by storm. After a short 1 hour delay, which allowed for some important facebook creeping time, we were off at 7:30 that night.

airplane wing
Jet plane!

The flight attendents for our flight were insane. We think they were drunk, maybe drugs, but they were not all there. Maybe it was the horse noises upon landing or the rap to introduce themselves.

Day 1

For our first full day in Florida, it started out a little chilly, 65°. Still 30° warmer than when we left.

Today was our first set of two-a-days for a couple weeks, which was a little rough, but great to be on a real grass field with no snowbanks on the sides.

Day 2

Today started off with an early morning practice then day 1 of causing mayhem in the Disney parks.

We managed to make the most of our fast passes and hit up Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, the Yeti, and Dinosaur.

The Yeti was definitly the best, especially at night and after a long day of walking and laxing.

Do you play lax?

About 2/3 of the team at Magic Kingdom on the first day.

Day 3

Double practices today. It was super hot, in the 80s, and our team definitly felt it. The 2nd practice was easier though, becasue tomorrow is game day!!

Lax in Florida.  No snow!
Lax in Florida. No snow!

Just a little post practice photo sesh. Nbd.


Today we played Kean University. Due to a snowstorm in New York the week before, our first game had been cancelled, so today got that honor.

It was definitly a physical game. Lots of yellow cards, lots of pushing and contact, but overall a great game.

We come out with the win 19-10. We played pretty well, catching and passing could have been better and shot placement also needed to improve, but the first win of the season is always a great feeling.

No gameday photos. Too focused on kicking butt. Too bad. We looked pretty sick in our new shooting shirts.

Day 5

Early practice today was miserable. We fogot the med kit on the bus the previous day before. No Bueno. We did 3 different sprinting/running/pushups/jumpingjacks/other shenanigans for over an hour in 80°. The team next to us felt bad.

But…. because we won we could go to Disney instead of having practice #2 in the afternoon.

Today we went to MGM studios, Epcot, and Downtown Disney. We hit up the Rock’n’Rollarcoaster, which was wicked sickkkkkk. We did have to wait in line for an hour and a half which sucked.  Then we moved onto Tower of Terror, though not everybody chose to partake. It was awesome!

Disney line
Disney line - Growing The Game! Nice!

Just a little scared waiting for tower of terror. Got a bad sunburn the day before. Had to rock the grow the game shirt.

Day 6 – Back to the cold

Today we have to go back to the barren wasteland that is Potsdam NY. After a nice and early flight, we are back in Potsdam by 8:30 pm. We only hit about 10 deer. Nbd.

Best part about the aiport? Internet. Disney fails at internet. $10 per day for wired internet. Don’t insult me. Thank god for 3G and iPhones.

airport lacrosse facebook internet
Serious facebook creeping going on here.

We play two game this weekend. Away at Potsdam and home vs. Utica. Hoping to come out 3-0. Ready to rage.

Key Games this weekend


Saturday 3-26

Boston College at North Carolina (1:00 pm)

Northwestern at Massachusetts (7:00 pm)


Friday 3-25

Clarkson at Potsdam (4:00 pm)

Nazareth at Hamilton (4:00 pm)

Salisbury at Franklin & Marshall (6:00 pm)

Saturday 3-26

Bates at Wesleyan (CT) (12:00 pm)

Catholic (DC) at Stevenson (11:30 am)

Cortland at Ithaca (12:00 pm)

St. Lawrence at Brockport (2:00 pm)

Utica at Clarkson (1:00 pm)


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