CNN writer sings “beans, beans, the magical fruit…”


Colin Cowherd on ESPN’s “The Herd” radio program brought our attention to this recent CNN article.  Titled “Relationship anxieties to quit worrying about”, it gives women advice and tells them to not worry so much.  Sounds harmless right? Wrong.

Better listen up All Stars because one bit of advice seemed a little out of place and your “lady friend” might suddenly stop blaming the dog for those unexpected odors.

I love a woman who can not only produce a solid fart, but who can also take ownership of it and stand by it. And I like a woman that can go out of the house unshowered and I kind of hate when women hold back in the food department. If you can’t whole-heartedly enjoy a good meal, what’s the point? — Marco

Sorry Marco…I don’t think any of us can agree with you 100% on that one.  Colin agrees:

“I’m getting sexy, the lights get dim, and your playing the tuba?”
“Sorry ladies, if we’re trying to get ‘sessy’ then I’m going to have a problem when a 100 mph Nor’easter comes whistleing by…”