Congratulations Mr. Kotter, The People’s Champion!


Congratulations Mr. Kotter AKA Blake Gaudet,
recipient of the 2009 Mustaches vs. Cancer People’s Choice Award!

Blake People's Choise MvC

The resemblance is striking!


We’re pleased to announce that our very own Mr. Gaudet took the popular vote for the Mustaches vs. Cancer People’s Choice Award.

His trophy? A custom bobblehead with his mustached mug all over it, immortalized in cartoonish bobble-head fashion for eternity! You can check out Blake’s stachetacular journey here.

Founded by 2 study Utah laxers, Mustaches vs. Cancer is a two month mustache-a-thon designed as a fundraiser for the pediatric department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. With a record number of participants this year, the entire fundraiser raised over $49,000!!!

Below are the other 2 members of the LAS crew who partook in the festivities. They didn’t get picked by the people, but mustache mania still served them well.

Ryan Craven MvC
Craven, more scholarly than an English major
Jeff MvC
Brunelle, tryin to look mean w/ the fu manchu

And, just as living proof, here’s the final word from MvC founder, Stefan Turkula:

Mustaches vs. Cancer 2009