Connecticut Summer Lacrosse And ‘The Sizzle’


Editor’s note: The following was written by Matt “Ramathorne” Ramsey of the Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club, a competitive post-collegiate team competing in the American Lacrosse League.

I’ve been MIA, I’m sorry…it’s been a messy, busy summer thus far. And by messy, I mean hot, sticky, exhausting…all of the above. My life is lacrosse; I eat, sleep, breathe the game and cannot get enough of it.

It takes up so much of my time that I hadn’t even been able to belt out an article for LAS. I found time, better yet I made time, to share with you the magical journey of Connecticut summer lacrosse…enjoy.

Sweet gear, high temps, lax moms…they’re everywhere. After months and months of planning, paperwork, and tryouts Connecticut Valley Elite has been born. A first year program bringing together players from various non-powerhouse state programs and giving them a chance to improve their skills; and for the older guys prepare for the adventurous world of college lacrosse. A great benefit for most laxers in this program is their sweet gear; and they have plenty of it.

See swag below:

The first tournament the older players got to attend was the Long Island Lax Fest; it was muggy, there were a lot of people, but it was a great time. The Under-17 squad went 1-3, disappointing for most teams, but we left satisfied.

The competition at the tournament was stellar across all divisions. Connecticut Valley Elite competed against the Connecticut Panthers, Rockland (MD), Long Island Jesters, and Team Long Island besting only the Connecticut Panthers out of the four games.

The heat definitely takes a toll on players, coaches, and parents as the day drags on; thankfully the first day ended after three games and just after 12:00pm. The second day didn’t start until 2:00pm (Sunday) and a scheduling mix up pitted the first-year program against established, and very talented (as well as well coached) Team Long Island.

The Islanders took it to the intimidated Conn. Valley squad early, holding a 6-0 lead at half. The second half was more difficult for them as they had to rely on their goalie to keep Conn. Valley off the books. The final ended 7-0 in Team Long Island’s favor, but the pressure along with the second half play gave the team and coaches something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Taking up the second half of my time is a summer team I have the opportunity to suit up for on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Hogs Lacrosse Club competes in the Pioneer Valley Lacrosse League, a staple for most Connecticut and Massachusetts laxers since the early 90’s. The league has grown substantially since that time and is home to 13 teams from Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

The Hogs proudly wear pink, check out the digs…

Other teams wish they could look that good. I couldn’t muster up the courage to totally ditch all my CVLC decals from my lid so I had to split them up…I think it gives my bucket more character…

The Hogs sit in 6th place right now boasting a 4-3 record with 2 very close losses to Team Shocker and Tastee Treat LC. The Glastonbury Whalers currently hold the top spot with Connecticut Rip-It and Westfield Cranx waning in 2nd and 3rd. Here are some more images to get you back on track…

…until next time…

About the author:
Rammer played collegiately at Eastern Connecticut State University and now runs Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club of the American Lacrosse League (ALL). In addition to running CVLC, Rammer helped found Connecticut Valley Elite, a summer opportunity for Connecticut High School players. When not occupied with CVLC or CV Elite you can find him on the fields of Newington with the Hogs LC.

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