Thailand Lacrosse Dye jOb Warrior lax Evo 3

Connor Wilson Must Dye: Thailand Lacrosse – King And Country

5 - Published June 3, 2011 by in Gear, International

When I played with the Thailand National Team up in Connecticut two weeks ago, one of the defenders on the team, “Big”, needed a new stick so he asked me to dye and string him up a new wand.  I had an extra Warrior Evo 3, and I was more than happy to dye and string it up and give it to Big as a gift.  He’s been playing lax for only 8 months and loves the game already, so I was really excited to get him his first custom stick.

In Thailand, the government is structured as a constitutional democratic monarchy, and the Thai people really love and respect their King.  I wanted to make sure to showcase this love and respect, especially for a player on the national team, so I dyed the phrase “For King and Country” into the head as well as the Roman Numeral IX.  The slogan, “For King and Country”, is also the slogan for the Thai Lax team.

The current King of Thailand, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, is the 9th King of Chakri Dynasty and the longest reigning head of state in the entire world.  The monarch’s official color is yellow, so while the head was dyed navy (which also represents the King on a Thai flag.  Unfortunately, the Navy came out a little purple), the lettering remained white, except for the word KING and the Roman Numeral IX.  Both of those were done in yellow, in honor of the King.

I then put in some mesh, and used yellow sidewall and shooters to finish the head up for Big.  Overall, it’s pretty simple, but elegant, and is perfect for a player who truly loves his King and Country.  Dye jobs are always fun, but this one was definitely something really special, and I was honored to be able to get Big a new stick that he would be proud to play with.

Thailand Lacrosse Dye jOb Warrior lax Evo 3

Simple, elegant and inspirational...

Thailand Lacrosse Dye jOb Warrior lax Evo 3

Lots of yellow!

Thailand Lacrosse Dye jOb Warrior lax Evo 3

Came out well!

Thailand Lacrosse Dye jOb Warrior lax Evo 3

2 straight shooters and a V. Defensive stick perfection.

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