Connor Wilson Must Dye: UNC Edition


UNC Tarheels Gavin 1
Gavin Petracca
UNC Tarheels Sean Delaney 2
Sean Delaney

We’ve got a pretty darn spicy Fireside Chat coming up with some UNC laxers, Gavin Petracca and “Psycho” Sean DeLaney, but in the meantime LAS wanted to show off another dye effort by our one and only dye master, me.

Neither Gavin nor Sean provided much direction (which is always appreciated!) other than “maybe throw my number on there someplace” and “go for it”.  So go for it, I did.  They sent me 2 STX 2010 Proton Power heads and I thought about my approach.

Here’s what I ended up doing:

UNC Tarheels Lacrosse Dye Job 1
White heads are so boring. We can fix that!

I settled on dyeing the heads blue and then pulling a fade back to Carolina blue by tossing the heads into some dye remover.  We’ve got lots of white triangles as well as disappearing blue triangles on GP’s bottom-up fade wand.  For Sean, I faded top-down and threw on some racing stripes, a lot of UNC love and some dark on light dye tactics.  I used a new kind of tape (that I won’t be using again) and it isn’t as good as some of the stuff I’ve used in the past.  Thin artist tape is the BEST but Staples was out the last time I went.  Bummer, I know.

You can check out the final results below and let me know what you think in the comments, or just shoot me an email at

UNC Tarheels Lacrosse Dye Job 2
Gavin’s vanishing blue triangle setup.
UNC Tarheels Lacrosse Dye Job 3
Sean’s stripey wand for your viewing pleasure. Ok, that was a little weird.
UNC Tarheels Lacrosse Dye Job 4
Together. Forever. At long last. Ready for the Tarheels.

About the Author:
After helping to start the program at Weston HS in Massachusetts, Connor Wilson went on to play at Wesleyan University. Post-graduation, Wilson stayed on and coached at Wesleyan for 2 years. He also played in Australia and the American Lacrosse League. Currently Wilson plays for the Southampton Lacrosse Club in NYC and enjoys dyeing lacrosse sticks, eating breakfast sandwiches and a pretentious writer’s bio on LAS.

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