Connor Wilson’s D3 Lacrosse Report

Salisbury Greensboro Lacrosse 2011
Salisbury ran past Greensboro.

Some Division Three NCAA Lacrosse teams have played 4 games already (Washington & Lee is 1-3), while others have only been practicing for 15 days (the entire NESCAC).  The Laxpower Power Rankings are next to meaningless until most teams have played at least 5 games, the Coaches’ Poll is questionable (as usual), and even the Laxpower Forum Poll has seen some rapid changes since the Pre-Season with the addition of teams like Hampden-Sydney.  If you want to check out 7 minutes of W&L – Denison highlights, check out 412Lax, home of the NCAC.

Early favorites like Stevenson, Salisbury, Cortland and Roanoke are all off to predictably good starts.  Gettysburg dropped a game to H-SC, which is why the Tigers are now regarded a little better by the pollsters.  Teams like St. John Fisher, Springfield, Denison, Dickinson and WNEC are all trying to prove they can compete with the top teams and break through to the next level.  The NESCAC is still the sleeping giant in D3 but they open up this week and Bates taking on Keene State this afternoon should actually be a pretty good game to open the season.  Wesleyan plays Salve Regina on the 5th and they just need to win this game to set the tone for 2011.  It’s not about blowing people out for the Cardinals, but winning every game you should.  And some of the games you shouldn’t.

On March 12th, the entire NESCAC season opens and Amherst, with their shiny new coach, John Thompson, travel to Tufts to take on the defending National Champs.  Amherst has some serious talent with a stud at both attack and midfield in Redwood and Fox.  Personally, I think we’ll see points from these two, but we will also see how good Tufts revamped D is.  Should be an awesome early season game.

I’m also excited to see Whittier play Drew.  If Whittier is on the right track, back to success, they win this game.  They really need to.  Because on the 16th they play Ithaca, and I think Ithaca may be back in 2011 in a good kind of way.  Still yet to play a game, but the Bombers are, at the very least, an interesting team to watch.  Of course, so is Whittier out in Cali.

Salisbury Greensboro Lacrosse 2011
Salisbury ran past Greensboro.

Back to the big boys for a minute.  Two scores stand out.  One was Stevenson’s 19-5 win over Kean.  It was 7-4 late in the game evidently.  WHO CARES?  They still won 19-5 and last time I checked games were at least 4 quarters long.  Demolished.  Need more proof Stevenson cruised a bit?  They outshot Kean 66-16.  Game, Blouses.  The second score is the Cortland win over Widener.  13-0.  Ouch.  Is this the best Cortland D ever?  The class of 2002 would say no, but it’s not out of the question!  Shutting out Widener is impressive.  You have to figure they’d be good for at least ONE!

To finish up, I’ll leave you with links to the Coaches’ Poll, The Laxpower Forum Poll and below, my personal poll mashed up against the other two.  Of course, I made mistakes in my rankings.  It’s pretty much impossible not to in the biggest NCAA lacrosse division.

Coaches                   Laxpower Forum           Connor Wilson

Tufts                            Tufts                                       Tufts

Stevenson                  Cortland                                Cortland

Salisbury                    Stevenson                             Stevenson

Cortland                     Salisbury                               Salisbury

Roanoke                     Roanoke                                H-SC

Middlebury                Middlebury                           Middlebury

RIT                              Haverford                              Roanoke

Haverford                  RIT                                          Haverford

Conn College            Conn College                        Gettysburg

RPI                              Geneseo                                 Conn College

Lynchburg                Gettysburg                             RIT

Gettysburg                RPI                                          Lynchburg

Geneseo                    H-SC                                       Geneseo

H-SC                          Lynchburg                            Springfield

Denison                    Denison                                 RPI

Dickinson                Dickinson                             Denison

Cabrini                      Bowdoin                                Ithaca

Springfield               Cabrini                                  Nazareth

Bowdoin                   Springfield                           Cabrini

Stevens                      Stevens                                 Bowdoin

First off, I may have placed H-SC too high.  But so far, they have the biggest win of the season, so I rewarded them for it.  Plus I had them in my original top 20 so it’s a big jump but not unprecedented.  Nazareth probably should have dropped out of my poll.  Oops, I guess.  But it’s still early and their loss came 11-8 at the hands of Springfield, a team I believe in this year.  They need to produce against Geneseo on the 5th, in what will be a huge early OOC game for both teams.

Gettysburg could have dropped further in my poll as well but I still think they’re a good team.  They may struggle early and have to claw their way back in.  Or the H-SC loss will motivate them.  We’ll see what happens!

It’s still early but exciting in the world of D3 lax!  Big week coming up!

Photo Courtesy SalisburySeagulls’ Flickr Stream!


  1. women’s poll? doubtful. I just don’t know enough.

    Roanoke got love. they’re my #7. D needs to improve for them to be legit.

    Sprigfield lost to Endicott yesterday. Endicott looked good all game, SC looks great for about 5 minutes. The rest of the time, they looked like absolute garbage. I’m sure they’re a good team, but they were not impressive on Wed.

    Lynchburg was also a let down. They played a not so great Marywood team and didn’t make it easy on themselves. They chose to dodge through triple teams when clearing the balll… not an equation for long-term success against good teams. They also threw the ball away a bit and didn’t have a very dynamic offense, relying on athletes… which is fine early on. But LBurg will NEED to improve to be a top 15 team again in my book. or just keep winning and prove me wrong!