Crooked Arrows Lacrosse Movie Actually Looks Pretty Legit

crooked-arrows- movie filming lacrosse lax
Filming of Crooked Arrows.

Remember what American Pie did for lacrosse exposure?  I still meet Europeans sometimes who only know of the game from that movie.  The latest example was a French sports show crew that interviewed me this past Summer when they stumbled on a lax camp I was running.  And American Pie wasn’t even a pure lacrosse movie!  It just had a good amount of lax in it… which was still really cool.  And now Crooked Arrows is coming out, and it’s one of about 3 movies that all feature game.  One is some kind of love story or something and I think the wolf from Twilight is in it.  Or one of the vampires.  Wait, the wolf actually used to play lax?  Ok, I’ll use his name from now on.  Taylor Lautner.  Respect.

Back to the Crooked Arrows movie…

You just never know with these movies.  It’s all about marketing and picking the right audience.  Oftentimes, a movie supposedly about X quickly becomes about Y.  See the above lax-love story movie for one example, and Jerry McGuire for another.  Wasn’t that supposed to be about sports agency, and not some super cute kid with a giant head?  Ray was awesome, right?  See?  Movies can go in weird directions.  You never know.

crooked-arrows- movie filming lacrosse lax
Filming of Crooked Arrows.

Photo Courtesy the Verdict Photography Blog!  Sweet stuff!

But the most recent video to surface from the Crooked Arrows set seems pretty legit.  There is clearly a great vibe on set (because I know so much about good movie set vibes), and the lax action looks pretty darn sweet.  Making sure the sport gets the “Any Given Sunday” treatment seems important to these guys, and if that is the case, color me excited.

It also features some of the best lacrosse rapping and beatboxing I’ve seen in a while.  So what do you guys think?  You going to see this movie in the theaters or what?

Also, we have an interview that The Art of Lax did this Summer with Chris Moore, the man behind American Pie!
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