Crosse Clicks: College Edition

2012 San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic
Where will Schuss (#18) go in the draft?

Each week we’re running two versions of Crosse Clicks. On Mondays we cover anything outside of the college lacrosse world, and on Wednesdays, we hit up the college world with a link fest to satisfy all. Let’s kick the second ever Crosse Clicks: College Edition off with a bang!

Gear, Gear, Gear Explosion

Winter Fashion Week is going down on 4OneTwo Lax, so here is some college lacrosse gear to sate your unquenchable thirst:

Minnesota Duluth goes with Zubaz pants. Wow, aggressive! Purdue Socks. CW Post goes camo. Don’t love it. MCLA D2 St. Thomas goalie gloves. Maryland’s new Under Armour gloves can be seen here in photos from their first practice of 2013. Washington Huskies gear, including new helmets from Cascade. ProAthletics wings for Oregon. Chrome fade carbon fiber goodness. Rutgers gets the Maverik hook up. UNC gives out shafts and heads. Towson Cleats and Michigan Gloves, oh my!

New Rules Video

It’s good! My synopsis is too. Worth a read. We need field diagrams ASAP!

College Stories: All True

Many college stories are pure fabrications. These all seem to be 100% true: Yale welcomes ten freshman. Hobart welcomes 14 new faces. Galasso is in Syracuse. We repeat, Galasso has landed. Torpey welcomes 14 to High Point. Michigan picks up a transfer from Villanova.

It’s A Rough, Winter Draft

More from the MLL’s upcoming draft this weekend. Round 1 Preview on LAS. Kyle Devitte’s Preview on IL. Preview from LaxDirt. Preview from In Lacrosse We Trust.

2012 San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic
Where will Schuss (#18) go in the draft?

Best Wishes for Mike Daniello

Looks like the Cuse player is at home resting now. We’re hoping for a speedy, and full, recovery!

Loyola In Newtown, CT

Read Astap! He’s good.

Peter Lasagna is back on IL’s back page, and he’s sharing what he loves. Well worth a read.

Who Is Riley Kennedy?

This week MGoBlue isn’t talking about Riley Kennedy, but we’re keeping the header. It’s superb. This week Michigan checks in with Brendan Riefberg! Hopkins is down to number 31 on their countdown to the Blue Jay season starting.

Days Until The Season…

UNC Vs. Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

It’s only 23 Days until the season kicks off. High Point Vs. Delaware on February 2nd! Man, that seems early, but it’s exciting!

How Do You Wait?

Read Alphabetical NCAA D1 Preview posts. That was easy.