Crosse Clicks: Monday Lacrosse At Its Finest


Welcome to our second edition of Crosse Clicks! The college version of CC drops on Wednesdays, and last week’s clicks were epic. The monday version covers everything outside of the college lacrosse world, and it’s a truly diverse list of lacrosse stories!

Lacrosse Clinic in Newtown, CT

Maverik Lacrosse Commercial

Here is a small preview photo of this year’s new Maverik Lacrosse commercial. That’s a nice locker room. Must be D1.

Full NLL game via TLN


Mark Powers sticks a behind the back goal this past weekend for the Gotham Goats on their way to winning their first ever box championship.

Love You To Death – Josh And Erica

LYTD is a Canadina powerpopunk band. At least I think that’s how one could describe them. Anyway, Scotty Komer, box goalie to the stars, plays in the band, and in this song they give a shout out to Josh (Potter, I believe) and Erica, and of course there is a lacrosse reference at the 1:44 mark. Love that. Warning for kids and those at work, the song contains F-bombs.

Tommy Gilligan – Photographer to the Stars

Tommy Gilligan shoots amazing lacrosse photos for us in the Spring. During the fall, he makes it work on the sidelines of NFL games, amongst other sporting events. His picture of Ray Lewis is pretty breathtaking, and I’m sure all our Baltimore readers will love it.

Full LXM PRO game via TLN

Hoffmeister Makes Hometown Pro Team

Ryan Hoffmeister has been a man about lacrosse for YEARS now! He works at Cascade, used to work at Brine, and played his college ball at Hartwick. He’s played in Australia and Prague, and now he’s making a go of things with the Boston Rockhoppers! Local talent all the way!

Loving Harvard’s Bubble

Harvard has a pressure regulated indoor training bubble. How jealous are you of these guys? Thanks to Callum Robinson for the photo.

Wheelchair Lacrosse – USL Convention

If you’re at the US Lacrosse Convention this weekend, check out Wheelchair Lacrosse, and pick up a stick to support the fastest game on two wheels! These guys are doing GREAT work!

Hello From Hay Bale Country!

Jim Kennedy’s photo is amazing. I can’t fully explain how much I love it.