Crowdsource Your Quora About Lacrosse

Don't get political when it comes to the kids!

For last week’s State of the Union address, the White House used social media to answer questions from around the internet. Most of the attention was focused on the big boys (Facebook, Twitter) but they also used a newer site to reach out to the public.

Has anybody heard of Quora?

(And while you’re at it why not read Connor Wilson’s State of the Game address from last week? Shameless plug alert. Applause. )

Here is the down low on Quora from politico:

The White House has promised to answer questions submitted by users of Quora, an “intelligent discussion site”.   The site will hold a live stream of Obama’s address and has asked users to submit questions on domestic and economic policy. The company will select an unspecified number of questions to be answered by the White House over the next few days.

State of the Union aside, looking around the site makes one thing clear; there sure aren’t many lacrosse fans currently using the site!  Do any LaxAllStars readers feel like chipping in and answering some questions?

Take a look at a few examples and answers from the Lacrosse topic.  Judge the quality for yourself.

As a lacrosse goalie, what should I think about when I prepare to stop a shot?

“Try not to think too much…When you are between the pipes, you need to be aware of where you are standing in the crease…If the shooter is close enough, your best play may be to meet the player outside of the crease and body check him.”

What are the major professional lacrosse leagues in North America and how do they compare?

“The NLL has a strong fan base in the US but tends to be more popular in Canada where indoor lacrosse is more popular than outdoor. The MLL is considered the NFL of the lacrosse world.”

Why isn’t there a shot clock in college lacrosse?

“There is a stall warning that the refs may call at their discretion, also there are the advancing rules which give the players 20 seconds to clear the ball from their own defensive zone once they gain possession.”

Currently the site isn’t a huge help for lacrosse information seekers. Hopefully it gets bigger and improves the number of contributors or they reach out to our helpful community for answers.

What do you think?  Does Quora have a future?  Could it be a useful resource for lacrosse?