Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 11


Peter Tumbas is a man just like you and me. He put’s his pants on one leg at a time. But after that he picks winners, baby!

Craven is stuck at dead last and is a one trick pony of a different sort…guaranteed to get it wrong or your money back.

The leaderboard hasn’t changed much in the past few weeks and time is short.  Will we see things shake up?

Help us @ConnorWilsonLAS, you’re our only hope.



Peter Tumbas:

Hofstra – Too much Canadian Connection for the Tigers to tame. Hofstra
needs a win and help to sneak into the dance.

Syracuse – This game has been sold out for weeks. Good for Indiana
lacrosse. Rough first year in the Big East for Notre Dame though,
apparently only we saw that coming.

Princeton – After an unacceptable loss to Harvard, Princeton needs to
rebound to regain footing heading into the big dance. Expect a low
scoring affair.

Harvard – Another Ivy League game, who is making these selections?
Regardless of record, Harvard is the better Ivy. Too much Cohen and
Gibbons for the Bullies to handle.

Cal Poly– Matt Graupmann for Earl of Nor Cal.

BC – Too much of a balanced scoring attack from the Eagles for the
Terriers to overcome.

Oregon – Ducks get a win and a much needed confidence boost prior to
the likely rematch against Canada.

BYU – No chance the Colorado Katy Perrys go into Utah and beat the
Cougars for the second time in 4 days.


Connor Wilson:

Hofstra over Towson. #41 is Towson’s best offensive player and I don’t think he’ll get it done against the Pride’s goaltending. The Hofstra O operates muich better when they play a team like Towson that has a somewhat smaller D than the teams Hofstra has lost to.

Cuse over ND unless Scott Rodgers has 50 saves. Actually Cuse over Notre Dame EVEN IF Rodgers has 50 saves.

Princeton over Cornell – Princeton is motivated and Cornell is up and down. Tigers need to shut down Rob Pannell for this to happen though.

Yale over Harvard. The Yalies like to pull the upset when they can and Harvard is prime for another loss.

Cal Poly will win but it will probably be close. Haven’t these guys heard of winning games comfortably yet?

BC has the goods in net and will win this College vs University battle in a low scoring affair.

Oregon should win this one comfortably.

Colorado will eek this one out. This is a different team, one that BYU may not be ready for.

Ryan Craven:

Towson by 2 over Hofstra: Just found out one of the kids I coached back West is going to be playing for Towson in the fall.  Also Hofstra let me down too much in the CBC and I’m PO’d

Syracuse by 8 over the Domers: Syracuse has a unique offensive style this year that I attribute to the box influence on some of their big time scorers. They should make Sportscenter every week with some of the stuff they pull.

Cornell by 1 over Princeton: Princeton is slip sliding away

Harvard by 3 over Yale: Solid Crimson squad this year.

Cal Poly by 4 over Stanford

BC by 2 over BU: The Eagles are anchored by a solid defense

Oregon +8 over UW: Ducks need to make a statement in the PNCLL playoffs

BYU by 1 over CU: I love CU to make noise in Denver but see BYU grinding this one out.

Jeff Brunelle:

Hofstra +2: They need to get this W and Towson will enter the game with heavy legs courtesy of JHU.

Syracuse +3: I think it could be a close 3 quarters, but ultimately the Cuse O will find a way to get ‘er done.

Princeton +1: Cornell needs it more, but I gotta go with the McBrides on this one.

Yale +1: Yale pulls it out with home field advantage. Look for sophomore mid Greg Mahoney out of Mercer Island, WA to have a big game.

Cal Poly +4: CP powers through. Stanford D can’t stop Graupmann and Heberer.

Boston College +1: Someone once told me BC has the best goalie in the MCLA. Truth?

Oregon +6: The Ducks don’t lose to the Dawgs.

Red Hot Buffs +1: They did it once already. Why not go for two?

Disagree with our picks? Let our panel know who YOU think will win.

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