Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 6


This week had some major matchups that made our panel go “Oh man” and “Baby, baby, baby ooh” (Actually that second one was Tumbas karaoke singing to Justin Beiber and may have had nothing to do with the games.

This is the week that Tumbas or Craven seduce first place away from Connor like baby, baby, oh. Brunelle is still like baby no.

Current Standings:

Wilson: 38-11

412:  38-11

Crave: 35-14

Striding Man: 33-16

On to the picks and analysis.

Week 6 Matchups (with 412’s Analysis)

Loyola Marymount @ Texas

Texas: Wilson, Crave, 412, Striding Man

The entire staff is on board the Johnny McKnight Express.

Florida State vs. Virginia Tech @ Tennessee

FSU: Striding Man, 412

VT: Wilson, Crave

Probably not a good idea to agree with Striding Man on a rivalry game.

Michigan vs. Duluth @ Marquette

Michigan: Wilson, Crave, 412, Striding Man

No one is picking against them again anytime soon.

Cal Poly @ Simon Fraser

Cal Poly: Wilson, Crave, 412, Striding Man

Simon Fraser couldn’t stop Colorado. No reason to believe they can slow Matthew Graupmann.

Duke @ Georgetown

Duke: Wilson, Crave, 412, Striding Man

Still don’t understand how this team has lost three games.

Maryland @ North Carolina

UNC: Wilson, Crave, 412, Striding Man

No midfield scoring for the Terps is going to be the difference.

Hopkins @ Virginia

UVA: Wilson, Crave, 412, Striding Man

Hopkins not athletic enough in the midfield or attack to hang around with the elite teams.

Salisbury @ Gettysburg

Gburg: Wilson, Crave

SU: 412, Striding Man


Analysis from the other pickers…

Connor Wilson says:

Duke seems to be hitting their stride after a questionable start. Georgetown has the players but unless guys like Brancaccio start producing in big games, the Hoyas will continue to lose.

I like UNC over UMd in a super TOIGHT game. This one could go either way but UNC’s D is pretty solid and I don’t know if UMd has anyone that can stop Bitter’s speed. If they double, UNC has some serious shooters to make the Terps pay. Penalties could honestly decide this game more than anything as both man up units are dangerous.

UVA will roll over Hopkins. Hopkins O is predictable and their D can’t take the ball away. Big day for the Brattons and B.Carroll from up top.

Gburg over Salisbury. This will be tight and the smart pick is Salisbury here. I’ve never been known to be smart though.

Texas needs to prove that the LSA is no joke and a good way to do that would be by beating the visiting LMU. If they can’t win at home, the longhorns are donezo in my book.

Cal Poly has kept really tough games close and SFU simply doesn’t have the guns this year. Cal Poly by a couple.

Michigan. Next.

VTech has a lot to prove and playing this game on neutral turf will help but I still like FSU to take this one home by a couple. FSU is on a bit of a mission and when this team is rested, they’re good. When they’re gassed, anyone can beat them (see Texas).

Ryan Craven says:

Duke +4: Talent has to overcome some shakey early play right? Originally picked GTown because I was impressed with them even when they lost to Cuse and Maryland but I’m giving the Dukies one more chance.

UNC +2: This is going to be a helluva game to watch.  Offensive fireworks all over the place from Bitter and Catalino.  I think Bitter has more help on the attack side to take this one.

Virginia + 4: Hopkins needs some nice easy games against the Albany’s and Manhattan’s of the world. Not the murderer’s row they are midway through. Syracuse, Virginia, and UNC all back to back? The ACC is tough this year but someone needs to fire the scheduling dept in at the Hop.

Gburg+2:  has a big W over Cortland and is coming off a quality game over Dickinson so I’m going with the Bullets to stay undefeated in this one.

Texas +5 : This one’s a head scratcher.  Do you buy into the LMU hype after the big W over Colorado? I still say they got the benefit of a CU team in a tailspin and I’m going with the home team.  Call me crazy but this could be the year Texas makes a tourney run. Sophmore pts leader Johnny McKnight also has a bad ass name.

Poly +8 : Simon Fraser continues their struggles and sinks deeper under the Mendoza line at 1-5 and soon to be 1-6.  I remember when it used to be a big deal to beat the Canadians on their own turf. No longer.

Michigan +1: The weather can be a major factor for Michigan and probably helped the Ducks keep their potent offense in the single digits (along with solid keeper play).  I’m not a weatherman and am too lazy to look up the weather at Marquette so I’m sticking with the blue monster.

Virginia Tech
+3: They havent played nearly the same number of games as FSU so I have less to go on but I have a hunch that this is your #2 squad in the SELC after Florida.  Right now it’s hard to make heads or tails between Tech, the Noles, and Gators though. Puzzling loss by the boys from Tallahassee to Texas means I can’t take them against another solid squad.

Jeff Brunelle (aka Striding Man) says:

Duke +1: Whoa, I said it. Setting aside my feelings for once and making an educated prediction. When they’re on, they’re on.

UNC +2: Big game. I’m staying faithful to UNC’s D, which impressed me the one time I watched them play on ESPNU. With Bitter and Delaney leading the charge in front of the home crowd, it’s going to take a lot to beat these guys.

Virginia +3: Hopkins will come out firing, trying to prevent another 3-game losing streak. The Wahoos will stay cool, calm, and collected. Just another day at work.

Salisbury +1: Don’t know D3 lax well, but I do know Salisbury is a machine and this season looks to be no different. Gotta start this series of away games off right.

Texas +1: I still haven’t been impressed with LMU. Beating a shaky Colorado team doesn’t mean a whole lot. Regardless, this game matters a lot for both teams. I wonder how many LMU players have ever been to Texas before.

Cal Poly +1: All signs point to CP.

Michigan +5: Someone needs to beat Michigan. Duluth could do it if they show up with a giant chip and get in Yealy’s head early. Still going with the safe bet here.

Florida State +2: I think they got their legs back under em.

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  1. Not possible to get inside Yealy's head. Even if you lock/face guard him and hold him away from ball/scoring, he will stick with it and allow wings to be open and kill you. Discipline. That, plus guns all around him.
    Yes, written after he dropped 9 on Duluth.