Crystal Ball Challenge, Week 8


The Big City classic brings some big time action to this week’s challenge plus some rivalry games dot the MCLA landscape.  Best weekend of lax in 2010, bar-none.  If you aren’t excited about these games you need to get your pulse checked and might be in need of medical attention. Seriously, stop trying to look all suave pretending to be glancing at your watch but staring intently into the middle distance.

Time for the games and picks…

Why we picked ’em:

Connor Wilson:

#1 UVA vs. #2 UNC – HUGE game! Difference maker will be the midfield units. If Delaney is back (he should be) then UVA gets the one goal edge. If SD is out? UVA by 3+.

#4 Princeton vs #3 Cuse – another big one. Princeton has looked up and down but has kept winning. Cuse has just looked good all year, even in their one loss. Cuse by 2.

#12 Cornell vs #18 Harvard: Cornell needs to get back on track after the loss to Dartmouth and Harvard seems vulnerable after their big loss to Duke. Cornell by 4.

#14 Fairfield vs #9 Loyola: Loyola has a good D, a keeper that can make big shots and a healthy Cooper MacDonnell. Even though Fairfield is improved, I like Loyola to win this game in CT… Cooper’s hometown area. He’ll show up big and Loyola will roll.

Duluth vs CSU: CSU will take this one but it will be close. Duluth can play with the best out there so expect a tight one that could go either way.

Wisconsin vs Lindenwood: Wiscy is still coming together IMO. Lindenwood knows the drill.

Cal Poly vs LMU: Poly keeps disappointing me, yet I keep betting on them. Is this the week? I hope so, because I’m picking them… again.

Florida vs Florida State: Love the FLA rivalry and even though the Gators are looking fresh and playing well, FSU will have a lot of support in this game and they are a talented team. FSU by 4.

Oregon vs. SFU: Oregon. No question there. This isn’t 2009.

Loyola Marymount vs UCSB: I like LMU on the road to squeak out a win over UCSB. Expect a close Cali game where everyone knows everyone else’s name.

Ryan Craven:

UNC +1: Time for a changing of the guard and I like the Tar Heels deep bench to step up.

Cuse + 3: No contest here. Cuse is going to roll. Princeton has a helluva keeper and great individual players but Syracuse plays like a team on a mission.

Cornell +3: Shiny helmets aside I just cant go with the crimson in this one.

Fairfield +1: Always been a big Loyola fan but going with the home team.

CSU +5: It’s CSU’s year and also about time we all recognize they have the players to make a serious run at the title.

Wisconsin +2: Lindenwood has seen better days. This is the W that the Badgers have been looking for.

Cal Poly +6: Poly is simply the better team and the Bears haven’t shown they belong in the discussion of quality teams this year.

Florida State +3: I’ve been a Gator backer all year but given each team’s body of work I have to go with the Noles. They are playing better at this point in the season and should roll.

Oregon +2: SFU has been up and down. I love my Ducks.

UCSB +1: This is possibly the most interesting game of the weekend. Going with the home team to pull out a close one.

Jeff Brunelle:

UVA +1: Like I said last week, UVA is the most solid team in college lacrosse right now. UNC is their best matchup. This game is going to go down to the wire.

Cuse +2: I haven’t seen Princeton play yet. That being said…

Cornell +4: Can’t see Cornell losing this game.

Fairfield +1: I saw Fairfield practice last Thursday and they looked SHARP. Also saw a girls lacrosse game on their home field. That grass is nothin but money.

CSU +3: I’d like to read Alex Smith’s journal.

Lindenwood +1: Pretty sure the Lions are finally catching their stride. Don’t quote me on that, just cross your fingers for a W.

Cal Poly +2: CP is a good team. They’ve had a couple of loses, but I don’t see them losing again in the regular season.

Florida +1: My man Cvas better have himself a game!

Oregon +2: No explanation needed. :)

UCSB +2: Hey LMU, watch out for flying tortillas! Seriously. Those Gauchos fans enjoy themselves on the sidelines.

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