Daily Cheese: Goalie Highlight Video FTW


BHSvideodad does it again.  This time giving the people something that we don’t always see: the goalie highlight video.

Breaking down the “only goal scoring or big hits can go on a highlight tape”-myth. Behold Oregon Duck Goalie Nick Johnston standing on his head during the 2009 season.

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    • The ducks bus it down to cali in 1 day, play 3 games in 3 days, at the #2 team on the final day, and go into the second half with a lead. Nick Johnson's incredible effort and performance in that game and the entire season need no tainting by a CBC superfan.

      BHSVD is the man flat out.

      • I was just pointing at the scoreboard, guy. Couldn't care less for either team honestly. Not a Connor Martin superfan by any means, the guy just deserves credit for what he does on and off the field. The other video by bhsVD paints a different picture of the game. So, take it easy ya fanatic. But, I am curious what the back of Nick Johnson's neck smells like. How would you describe it?

      • Unfortunately my dad hasn't gotten around to making a highlight video yet, props to the kid for having the video, that's well done. I just think the goalie is nothing special, I have seen lots of better keepers out there who have accomplished alot more and who deserve to be spotlighted. I'll try and put a video together for you and I will be sure to not include “highlights” of shin saves or helmet saves because all that shows is poor shooting.

          • Nope. We just felt that a 30 save performance against the 2nd best team in the MCLA and quality highlight video was worth some eyeballs. You disagree. Seeing that your name was “GodlyKeeper” we just feel like you might have a thing or two to show our audience. Shoot it at either Pete or myself when it's ready.

          • to godly keepers defense… alot of those saves were just poor stick side high shots, but he did have a lot of dirty one on one saves too. still a good video and anytime someone posts a 30 save game it should make noise.

        • I look forward to this “video”. It is easy to blow your own horn with nothing to back it up. Reminds me of the high school kids who always post “My high school team could beat this or that MCLA team.” Yeah sure. Frankly a shin save is as good as any other, except for the pain.