Daily Cheese: Always Take Your BROtein Powder


Chaptown supplements? BROtein powder, BRO bars, BROmosas? They got em.



– Parker Michel, sixth grader in Sarasota, FL, this:

Everything is a chain reaction on the field. From the defenders to midfield to the attackers … you need to be persistent because it can get frustrating. You must have the will power to play this sport and not get discouraged.

Helluva quote for a 6th grader.

– Colgate announced their 2010 team captains.

A Temple law student has been charged for the shooting of Edward DiDonato Jr., former Villanova team captain.

– Warrior released a new training shoe.

– High School player Kyle McCombe commited to Ohio Wesleyan.

– Yesterday’s Defining Toughness In College Lacrosse is worth the read.

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