Daily Cheese: Casey Powell, Trendsetter


Casey Powell wore what many are calling “The Sickest Helmet On Earth” at the Vail Shootout last week. We tend to agree with the notion.

LRG? Didn’t expect to see that and yup, it looks clean.
You know what else looks good? That jet black stick.

Hold up. Gotta remove the visor to assess the situation and show off the Bros sticker. Placement is everything.

Casey Powell, Jedi Master.

Nothing says Mile-High-Baller-Status like an oxygen mask.

And these guys? They loved that mask.

Photo credit: Maverik Lacrosse on Facebook



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  1. Where is 412 to immediately denounce CP22's white “off-the-shelf” helmet? That thing is sick, the visor reminds me of “Too close for missles, I'm switching to guns”…if only he could have the oxygen mask on while playing the Top Gun look would be complete