Daily Cheese: Oregon State vs. Montana


Highlights from Oregon State’s home opener against the Montana Grizzlies last Saturday.
OSU pulled it out 11-10.



– The new LAS shorts are selling out quick. Did you enter our contest yet?

– The head of the Canadian Olympic Committee is a former professional lacrosse player.

– BYU men’s lacrosse helps build homes.

RIT is ready for the 2010 season.

– Denison 2010 season preview.

– Stevenson University will be offering a 1-hour LAX 101 course to the public.

– Harry Kutner from St. Johns was named to the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll.

– Navy has lost starting attackman Tim Paul.

– University of Tennessee is 4-0 to start the season.

– Grove City made a stick trick video… impressed?

– Lacrosse is taking off in South Carolina.

– Jason Bloom doesn’t have to travel to home games.

– Sticks up: A crash course in the Portland State Lacrosse Club

– The Allen Hall Jokers are back (previous post) with the official music video for Midd Kid:

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  1. Just to clear things up for those who think all that's done out in MT is hunting, fishing, etc… That's not the case, while people out here tend to do more outdoor stuff because of where we live, hunting and fishing is not all that's done out here, not even close. The majority of us aren't rednecks, but that's definately the stereotype placed on us because we live in Montana. I myself have never even gone hunting.

    I'm sure you didn't mean anything by your comment, I just wanted to clear things up. Actually, lacrosse is starting to get going pretty well in Montana.

  2. Thats great OSU gets to play in their football stadium but there must've been 30 people in the stands, for their home opener! they should invest a mere fraction of their time telling people that they're actually having a game.