Daily Cheese: Player Of The Year, Already?


Crotty Duke lacrosse

Yesterday 412 Lax went on a tweeting tirade. He saw some names listed on Twitter as potential DI Player of the Year winners, and he just couldn’t take it. So he went on to write about it too.

Some people liked his words. Others didn’t. Then Connor Wilson dished out his own perspective.

Connor wrote:

I think Crotty is a really solid pick for Player Of The Year.  He makes his teammates better, has proved he can be the man and is a really well diversified player skill-wise who understands the game.  His brain is his biggest asset.  A kid you will trust when the game is on the line.

Bitter is also a good choice.  When he’s on, he can be absolutely unguardable and can finish so that makes him unstoppable.  If he can take UNC to the Semis or Finals and especially an NC, he is a candidate for sure.

Kimmel is a quiet pick but then again, the kid can ball.  He’s got speed and a good shot on the run and that puts pressure on a defense.  The Hop O feeds on this pressure to find seams and move the ball.  Don’t discount him.

Kimmel Hopkins lacrosse
Don’t underestimate Hopkins’ Michael Kimmel

Jamieson hasn’t done a ton at the NCAA level although he’s proven he can score a big goal when you need it!  But he is a proven commodity. PERIOD.  If you don’t know how good he is, you don’t know lax.  He can take a beating and score.  He will score in ways that will perplex you this season within 6 yards.  Plus he plays for the 2-time reigning champs so…

Pannell is good too.  Crafty, fast, tough and can score and feed.  He got a lot of attention last year as a dodger and ball carrier so I don’t think you can say he didn’t carry some of the load.  It will be more this year but he’ll still share it with others.

Shamel needs to take 5 mph off his shot and focus on hitting corners.  If he did that, best player in the country.  hands down. but he hasn’t yet… hope he did a lot of shooting this offseason. If so…  GAME. BLOUSES.

Only way Wimer gets it is if UMBC has a big year.  He is very good but lacks another couple stars to help him shine. Carries a bigger load than the others in my opinion.

Wimer leads UMBC and will draw the pole on almost every run.

I think you’re right about Stanwick but he comes from a pretty decent lacrosse pedigree (google stanwick and lacrosse) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him step right in and lead.  He looked comfortable out there last year… more so than I thought he would.

I’m surprised Rodgers wasn’t mentioned.  ND COULD be good again this year (meaning they could have been good last year but weren’t really) and Rodgers is a beast in net.

I don’t think Princeton is going to drop off as much… why? because they have talent and both Fiorito and Weidmaer could be Player Of The Year… both only sophs but VERY good. maybe not as flashy but excellent players.

Overall, not that bad of a list really.  I’d love to hear arguments for some other people… if anyone’s got them.

A masterpiece and the 2010 season hasn’t even started yet.

Who’s your preseason pick?


– Kevin Powers, a midfielder for Issaquah High School in WA, has been selected for the Swedish national lacrosse team.

– Maverik Lacrosse donated equipment to Lakeshore Lacrosse for winter YMCA clinics.

– 412 shared the scene inside a Pitt film session.

– Harrison reports a solid night of practice at Chapman.

– The Maryland Terps have gone Abe Lincoln on us.

– One Cavalier Daily writer has named the 2006 men’s lacrosse team Virginia’s team of the decade.

– Kevin Dugan resigned as Scranton HC to take a Director of Operations position at Notre Dame.

– Providence College announced their Class of 2014.

– A senior lacrosse player at Clarkstown South High School in NY is organizing a clinic to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief.

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  1. how is there no love for Catalino, dudes an absolute monster who can take over a game whenever he chooses. If Maryland has a strong year, which I definitely see happening, theres no way Catalino isn't top three in the argument with Bitter and Crotty

    • if he can take over a game whenever he chooses, why doesn't he do it more? UMd could have used a push a couple times last year.
      He scores some good goals and is better than Yeatman but I don't think he's even in the conversation. I like both Reed and Young more than I like Catalino. his dodging style slows down their O and let's other teams re-adjust and prepare slides. Sure he's huge but he just ain't Ian Dingman yet. YET. If he really worked this offseason maybe he'll be a contender but that is yet to be seen IMHO. if he really benefited a lot from the boxla he played this summer up in Canuckleland, then he might be much improved.