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First of all, stop what you’re doing and listen to Kid Cudi’s Maybe on the Spoon Feed.

Second, but most importantly, moving forward we’re going to be taking reader submissions every single day – morning, noon or night. Got something worthy of the Daily Cheese? Email me the link or click ‘Send us a tip!’ above.

Don’t want to submit stuff? That’s okay too, but it just means you’re going to get more Shaqeeta!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…



– Lacrosse – the new frontline of Russian rivalry | The Moscow News

– Princeton Announces 2011 Men’s Lacrosse Schedule | LaxPower

– A revamped Lax.com is live. Looks like they picked a new logo too. Here’s my take, not that you’re asking!

Design: B+ (The dark colors actually aren’t bad)
Layout: B (I could get used to it)
Navigation: C- (Tough to read those buttons)
Overall: Solid B… nice work Mr. Arrix.

– A Hypo-whata? I’ll take one! | Sweet Sweet Lax

– Virginia Tech won the Southern Showdown!

– Jerome Lacrosse 2010 Ceremonial Speech – Kind of cool!

– “Like a fine wine, 34-year-old Edmonton Rush goaltender Matt Disher didn’t make sour grapes…”

– SI’s Jimmy Traina did a interview with Shaqeeta yesterday. Prank central.

– My boy Cody Hawkins is a class act! | BKFootball.com

– Those new Duke Warrior helmets are dope!

NanoSpray makes sense. Same stuff the guy at Lids in mall sprayed on your new hat!

– If you don’t know Josh Lane Productions, get to know Josh Lane Productions now. Great vids!

– Some interesting discussion going on at IL right now. Why all the hate towards Con Bro Chill?

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  1. The Russian defender with no helmet, no elbow pads, no shoulder pads – yet he’s standing his ground on a dude charging the cage? Makes me want to buy that guy a full set of gear, that’s awesome. Добро пожаловать в спорт Лакросс, наши русские друзья! Очень хорошо!