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Yesterday the Southwestern Conference of the MCLA issued a press release announcing a disciplinary ruling on the University of Nevada Las Vegas men’s lacrosse team. The news leaves both a player and the head coach suspended for the remainder of the 2010 season and the entire 2011 season. The UNLV team is officially on probation until the end of the 2010 season. Below is the full release:

The Southwestern Lacrosse Conference’s (SLC) Executive Board and League Directors regret to inform that they have had to take immediate and swift disciplinary action against the UNLV Men’s Lacrosse program.

On March 5th, in a game against Utah, #4 Eric Jones was ejected from the game for his participation in a fight.

The next day, in a game against Arizona on March 6th, the same #4 Eric Jones was not held out of the contest by the UNLV coaching staff, as is required by Rule 5, Section 12 of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rulebook: The penalty for an expulsion foul shall be a three-minute nonreleasable penalty, ejection for the remainder of the game in which the foul occurred and suspension from the next intercollegiate contest of the team. Subsequently, to compound the mistake, #4 Eric Jones was involved in another altercation in this Arizona game as well, and was ejected for the second time in two days.

The Executive Board and League Directors would like to point out that they understand lacrosse is a physical sport. However, all of its participants are always expected to honor and play by the rules that govern our sport; there is a certain standard of respect and sportsmanship that is always expected to be demonstrated by all participants. We take these incidences very seriously, particularly the playing of an ineligible player. The Executive Board and League Directors would also like at this time to point out that #4 Eric Jones had began the season serving a 4 game suspension for his part in an
incident that occurred at the Best of the West Fall Ball Tournament. Head Coach Gary Campo had also begun the season serving a 4 game suspension for his involvement in this incident as well; and in addition to the 4 game suspension, was coaching under a two year probationary period by the SLC.

The SLC Board of Directors has come to a final ruling in regards to the UNLV Men’s Lacrosse Team and player actions during the March 5th and 6th regular season games, they are as follows:

Consecutive Game Expulsion of Eric Jones, #4, for Fighting
Eric Jones, #4 for UNLV Men’s Lacrosse, has been SUSPENDED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE 2010 AND ALL OF THE 2011 SLC/MCLA LACROSSE SEASONS. This includes all “Fall Ball” play as a member of the any SLC Team. This decision is final and a result of being kicked out of two games in a row for fighting. The Board strongly recommends that Eric Jones be given time to gain a better understanding of his actions and has requested that UNLV provide him with student counseling in this matter. Should Eric Jones wish to return his Senior year, and play in the 2012 season, he will be allowed to do so.

Head Coach Gary Campo & Playing of Ineligible Player
Coach Gary Campo, currently on SLC Probation from a November 2009 Infraction, is hereby SUSPENDED FROM COACHING ANY SLC TEAM FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE 2010 AND ALL OF THE 2011 SLC/MCLA SEASONS. This includes any “Fall Ball” activities representing an official member of the SLC. This suspension is the result of Coach Campo allowing an ineligible player (Eric Jones, #4) to compete in the March 6th game versus the University of Arizona, a violation of his probation.

UNLV Men’s Lacrosse Team
As a result of the infractions committed on March 5th & 6th, 2010, the UNLV Men’s Lacrosse Team has been placed on PROBATION BY THE SLC THROUGH THE END OF 2010 SLC ANNUAL MEETING. This is an SLC Administrative Probation, and if they qualify, they will still be allowed to participate in the play-offs. However, if the UNLV Team commits further actions deemed to be in violation of its probation during this time period, penalties MAY include: expulsion from the SLC, fines, deemed ineligible for Post Season Play, and/or other remedies that are decided upon by the SLC Board of Directors.

This is the ruling of the SLC Executive Board and its League Directors, it does not preclude further action being taken by the MCLA Executive Board towards the individuals involved, the UNLV Men’s Lacrosse team, or the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference.



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