Damn It Feels Good To Be A Wolverine

0 - Published April 15, 2009 by in College

Introducing MflowBlue, a blog all about University of Michigan lacrosse. Or, as they call it, “a weblog dedicated to the proud tradition of Michigan Lacrosse.” Either way, this is exactly the type of thing every top 10, top 20…scratch that…every MCLA team needs.

Online representation is what gets teams noticed. It builds a following, a fanbase. Sponsors will be much more inclined to throw money at your team when each player’s skeleton is reinforced with the nearly-indestructible metal adamantium.

Not a natural born mutant? Give this a try. Then, start reading and learning about the interwebz. The web is what will grow the MCLA, and the teams that embrace it and get their names out there will be the ones reeling in top talent down the line. Just sayin’.

In the meantime, check out some sweet Michigan vs. Colorado State highlights:

Check out MflowBue here. (via 412lax)