Dear MCLA, I Hope the Grass is Greener on the Other Site


Here’s what we know: the MCLA is redesigning their league website. This has been going on for what feels like forever. Instead of leaving the old site up, or even managing a blog to give updates on the league, MCLA officials chose to freeze the homepage and add this fancy (AKA annoying) animated overlay:

“The fact that 2 deadlines for the site opening have passed and no information has been posted is a bit unsettling. Inquiring minds would like to know when the new site will actually be up and running…”
From the CollegeLAX forums

The official relaunch date was announced as January 19th. Then it was postponed to February 1st, but that didn’t happen. either. It’s February 3rd, and we’re all confused. Where’s the new site? Why hasn’t the league given us any updates?

We also know that CollegeLAX is no longer the “official” source for MCLA news. Actually, was it ever? I’m not quite sure. Whether it was the official site for league news or just the unofficially official source, I’ve been treating it like the MCLA Bible for the past 5 years. Have I been practicing the wrong religion? Something tells me the bigwigs would say “Yes”.

From my understanding, the league has decided to take the power back and bring everything CollegeLAX has and more under one roof. They’re doing this by partnering with the guys who brought us The Lax Mag.  According to The Lax Mag’s website, this is phase 2 of Project Fief (why is it called Project Fief? If you know, please post the answer in Comments). Phase 1 was distributing magazines to every MCLA player and coach, and that happened. Here is what was supposed to happen for Phase 2:

“Phase 2 addresses plans for upgrading the web presence of the MCLA for the 2009 Season. The existing web site of the MCLA ( will be redeveloped with new features to better represent the league and all 213 participating teams. The public will have simplified access to individual game scores, team schedules, and player statistics. The revamped web site will also be utilized as a means for direct communication by issuing press releases to members of the league and media outlets and act as an authoritative source of information on the MCLA. Additional, the relaunched site will support a new graphical user interface to continue building the online brand of the MCLA.”

MCLA graphics

If you ask me, it sounds like the league gave it’s engagement ring back to Sonny at CollegeLAX and hooked up with a younger, curvier hipster that is failing to perform.  Of course, this is all just one gigantic assumption and my credibility is lacking. It can only be as accurate as the information spread accross the CollegeLAX forums. However, if you considered how much league and conference communication takes place on those forums, you’d think you were right too.

So with that said, I hope you’re a little more in tune with the MCLA scene and the fact that it’s a big mess right now with a TON of potential.  First things first, they need a website – that should help clean things up.  Since the powers at be obviously can’t make this happen today, my vote is to make the New Official Site of the MCLA.

Whatcha think?

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Jeff Brunelle
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  2. All I know is that it is embarrassing to have your league being play tomorrow without the league’s site up and running. I know the Iowa Hawkeyes (as well as the rest of the Great Rivers Lacrosse Conference) and the Upper Midwest Lacrosse League kickoff their season this weekend.
    With so many hardcore (a/k/a East Coast) laxers thinking that the MCLA is a joke, not having an operational site is a huge problem. I know they are clubs, but the league refers to itself as a "virtual varsity" experience. There is not "virtual" going on when they don’t have a website. It is not very "varsity" if there is no league homepage to keep track of stats and scores either. Is it really that difficult to get going?

  3. For your consideration.

    Norwich 9 – Mount Ida 6

    Rematch of last years GNAC Champsionship game, but this time with different results. With that win, Norwich has essentially secured a #1 seed and home field advantage for the GNAC playoffs and will be their first time playing in the NCAA tournament with a championship win.