Den Haag Lacrosse Annual Beach Lacrosse Tournament

Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament
Waves crashing. Scenic!

Editor’s Note:  By now, you ALL know about Beach Lacrosse in New Jersey.  Jimmy Ciccone took care of that.  But we’re not done with the fun in the sand just yet!  Timo Samson, a reader and contributor from the Netherlands is here to tell us all about another kind of Beach Lacrosse… but this time it’s Netherlands style!


Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament

The guys in action!

Dear readers,

This year’s Den Haag Lacrosse Beach Tournament will again be held on the sunny beaches of Kijkduin!  The weekend of August 27th & 28th is the date for lots of fun of sun & fun, LAX & more (and of course partying 24/7)…  It’s the Den Haag Lacrosse Beach Lacrosse Tourney!

More than 250 players (with both men & women!) will do their utmost best to get to the Finals on Sunday, and we all hope to bring the famous “bokaal” (= dutch for trophy) home. The diversity of nationalities will be very impressive this year, with players from: Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Czech Republic, Spain, and even the US will attend in this yearly growing event.

Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament

Can't forget about the Women!

The rules are simple:

3 on 3, 10 min. games, with a teams consisting of of a maximum 6 players.  There is unlimited subbing, half a field, one (small) goal, no goalie, no longpoles, basketball rules (need to get right to score) full contact, but only a helmet and gloves are mandatory.

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Live life to the LAX,


PS: For more European sweet lax, don’t forget about the 2012 European Championships in Amsterdam!!!

Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament

Waves crashing. Scenic!

Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament

More Women's action...

Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament

I want to go to there.

Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament

Beautiful Cloud structure.

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