Denver University Announces 2011 Summer Team Camp

Coach Tierney, leading the way.

The guys running a relatively new High School level team camp and tourney out in Denver are pumped about growing and improving their tournament. The venue is great (Dick’s Sporting Complex), for the older kids it’s a great opportunity to be seen by college coaches, and for the younger kids it’s good to learn to play teams from different areas of the country early on.  From a convenience standpoint, it runs on a weekend adjacent to Vail, so parents should be excited about the opportunity to fit in two awesome tournaments back to back. The organizers feel this tournament has the potential to blow some of the east coast tourneys out of the water, and for the “western” lax community, it is a huge positive in terms of cost, travel, location, and reputation. All good stuff!  Now let’s get to the details!!

2011 DU Summer Team Camp

This camp will be the premier team camp in the western US with legendary Coach Tierney and the Denver Pioneers lacrosse program running the event. After a tremendous inaugural year in 2010, this team camp is being set up to provide high school and club teams the chance to come out to beautiful Colorado, and be seen by college recruiters from Division I, II and III schools from all over the country. The camp is scheduled for the weekend right after the Vail Tournament, so teams and coaches can come out to Colorado for a great week of lacrosse!

Date: June 23rd-26th, 2011

Games: Clinic on Thursday night. Three games on Friday, two games on Saturday, All-Star game on Saturday night, two games on Sunday.

Location: Dick’s Sporting Good Park


Elite- top level high school / club teams
Select – next level high school / club teams
Stars – freshmen/sophomore teams
Under 15
Under 13

Format: 6 game guarantee | Round Robin format on Friday and Saturday | Playoff and Championship play on Sunday

Registration : $250 per player for Elite and Select divisions | $200 for Stars division | $150 for Under 15 & 13 divisions.

Hotel Information:

Bridget Simons
Director of Sales & Marketing
Embassy Suites Denver-Aurora
4444 North Havana Street
Denver, CO 80239
720-587-5085 Direct Line

Video Services : Film and highlight clips available from Elevation Video Services. We have linked to their work from last year’s camp above.

2011 DU Summer Team Camp


  1. WOW! Those prices seem expensive. $5000 to bring an elite team of 20 kids. No room & board? That is double the cost of popular East Coast Tourneys where kids parents can drive them to. If you are going to fly to get to Denver why not fly East to a Tourney that costs $2500 -$3000? I can’t imagine top East Coast Teams flying to Denver for that kind of scratch to play West Coast Teams. Don’t Coaches want to see top West Coast Players vs. Top East Coast Players? This seems an unlikely venue for that based on cost and location. Though I guess we will see how it develops… would be more attractive if housed at DU.

    • The price reflects the product. Dick’s (site of the MCLA National Tournament) is one of the best venues for tournament style play. At ten teams in each division (rough guess), that makes 50 teams at this tournament, DU could never accommodate that many teams. I’ve spent 600$ for overnight camps for my son and 250$ seems way more reasonable considering he can split the cost of a hotel room with his buddies, eat well, and still not even come close. Also, you have to imagine the DU staff can and will bring in many of the best college recruiters. This alone should attract high school and club teams from all over the map. After a quick email, they confirmed teams from NorCal, SoCal, Wa, ID, Az, Illinois, Minn, and Canada are already committed, which is a great opportunity for our kids.

  2. If it is a recruiting event, the value depends almost entirely on the college coaches who attend. Far fewer college coaches go to events in the West since there are so many events in the East, and most of the top Western kids already go to a few Eastern events.