Diary of the Dutchmen: Days 5-6 (Blast Off)

This guys needs a blast.

Lacrosse All Stars Grow The Game Tour

Tuesday, Oct. 2

Tuesday was a big day for the Grow the Game gang. Jeff Brunelle (JB) and Henry Fitzpatrick went over to Garden City, Idaho to pick up the RV. Since that involved effort, MP and I opted to hit a local coffee shop for breakfast and get a caffeine blast. We spent a few hours there cruising the internet and made good use of the blast. Then we knew it was finally time to get a glimpse of the RV, so we headed back to JB’s house; that’s when I laid eyes on it – The Dutchmen.

The Dutchmen
It’s a special place.

My god, what a motor home. This puppy is equipped with a television, a kitchen, and enough room for me to sneak treats to JB’s dog Bear behind his back. Not to mention it’s got four beds, so only two of us have to share. This afternoon, LaxAllStar crew member, Connor Wilson, joined us from Brooklyn, so we’re all set to hit Yellowstone in the morning. As of today, there’s six of us Grow the Gamers boarding the Dutchie.

To cap our time in Boise, though, we enjoyed a catered dinner at JB’s parents’ house. We needed to beef up before the RV Hunger Games began, and this meal certainly did the job. We quaffed some BBQ chicken and ribs and topped it off with some type of delicious dessert; I didn’t listen long enough to find out what it was called, but I breathed a couple bowls of it down with ease.

Well fed and ready to Dutchie.

Much thanks to the Brunelle family. Now we’re ready to take the Dutchmen up to Yellowstone.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

Bear, JB’s dog, woke me up this morning a little before 8. I pretended to be sleeping long enough to ensure that the majority of the RV loading had been taken care of, and then I headed to the kitchen for a caffeine blast. Shortly after this we set off on the road and discovered that the Dutchie did have one flaw – the thing has zero storage space.

Montana, or Idaho. One of the two.

It’s no matter though, because we just dwell in the spaces we’ve burrowed through all the luggage and gear.  In Twin Falls, Idaho, we stopped at a Walmart and bought some essentials. Connor purchased an Angry Birds winter hat and MP purchased a 15-inch hunting knife. Then we got some coffee and cinnamon energy strips so we’d have sufficient blasts to last us through Yellowstone. Curiously, it’s mainly the Easton gang that gets involved in the heavy caffeine blasts, but we do none of the driving.

This guys needs a caffeine blast.

Instead we just blast heavy in the back (Henry prefers coffee, while I myself prefer the cinnablasts) and revel in the silence of a radio-less RV.   Nice design job. By late afternoon we had entered Montana and were nearing Yellowstone. That’s when we stopped for some more essentials and gas, and we overheard a local veteran, “Can you believe the bear? What a time to be cleaning your elk!”  That was a nice preview to the Grizzly RV Park which we arrived at around 5pm.

Before our arrival, the Dutchie ruled the realm, but now we’re surrounded by better RVs that have flat screens and less than 6 males aboard.  Fortunately, MP seems to be Occupy Grizzly and has a tent set up outside. I’m still sharing a bed though. I’ll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow we start our tour of Yellowstone, so things should heat up.