Division 1 From Hawaii? Someone Has To Be First

How does Lincoln not spend all of his time on the beach?
How does Lincoln not spend all of his time on the beach?

Earlier this week we put up a post on the Hawaii Invitational and then later in the week we put up some move video of the tournament.  One of those videos showcased Lincoln Liesemeyer tearing it up on the field and I just figured he was from Canada or something like that.  Turns out the kid is still in HIGH SCHOOL and is FROM Hawaii.

Lincoln wants to be the first home-cooked Hawaiin lacrosse player to make it to the Division 1 level.  He’s lived out on the islands his entire life but he’s gotten some excellent lacrosse instruction from former Navy lacrosse player, Graham Gill.  So he’s getting great lessons, is from Hawaii (where he is a Senior at Punahou HS) and he has wheels.  Pretty good start.

This kid is definitely worth taking a look at.  Fast, good stick and seems to play above his age considering he’s doing all of this in a pretty competitive Men’s tourney.  Check out Lincoln’s highlight tape if you haven’y already, and tell me this kid can’t play D1 lacrosse.


  1. This kid is sick. If he doesnt go DI im sure DII or DIII will open their doors to him immediately. NDNU, Whittier, Mesa, Dominican would all be sweet options for him. AND he is playing for a mens elite team. GIVE HIM A SCHOLY!!!!! please