Don’t Know What’s Next? Head Lacrosse The Pond!

gabe kelley england lacrosse durham university
Former Wesleyan AA, Gabe Kelley, played lacrosse in England for Durham.

Editor’s Note: Brett Hughes sent over a new Lacrosse The Pond video, and asked us to publish it. I asked Brett to write a personal introduction to the video, and of course, Mr. Hughes delivered in a major way. Why Lacrosse The Pond? Please allow our boy Brett to explain!

I had heard about people traveling around and coaching teams, or even just playing for teams around the globe, and while that sounded amazing, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I always wanted to be working toward something…

When I finally sat down to help develop what Lacrosse The Pond would be, and what we could provide for students, it turned out to be a simple homerun.

We offer a great service to get kids a chance to continue to play lacrosse in a new setting, help grow the sport in a place that is lax crazy, and all the while, it sets up a launching pad for European travel, and plenty of adventure.

At the end of your year with new friends, amazing experiences, the knowledge that you are pushing the sport forward, and a Masters degree to top it off, you will know that it was worth it, and an amazing experience.

I am working to develop and offer LTP to everyone simply because I wish more than anything I could have done it, and I am positive I was not, and am not, the only one.

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