Dougie Kent

Dougie Kent, Former Lacrosse Player, Makes Music

0 - Published October 6, 2011 by in Lifestyle

We were recently tipped off that there is a new former lacrosse player making music.  Mac Miller used to play lax back in the day, and as it turns out, so did Dougie Kent.  DK played his lax back in Hempfield, PA.  Originally a drummer in a metal band, Dougie is now creating dance-y, rap-ish musical james, that could probably do well on college campuses as well as the Jersey Shore.

Dougie Kent

Dougie Kent, in the flesh.

This style of music isn’t exactly Jeff or Connor’s bag, but those guys are old, and when it comes to music, we’re more interested in what the younger kids are listening to.  We KNOW about Bob Dylan, George Thoroughgood, Daft Punk and Wiz Khalifa… but until today we’d never heard of Dougie Kent.  So what do our younger readers think?  Does this guy have any potential as a favorite amongst young laxers?

Dougie Kent

Oh, there's a camera here?