Easter Old School: Vintage Stars And Bars Brine Leather L-33 Lacrosse Gloves

Old School Lacrosse

I got a text with a picture, and the following message: “Brand new USA Leather L33’s with embroidered stars.  Happy Easter!”

Well, Happy Easter indeed!  These gloves are… ridiculous.  I thought I knew custom gear.  I didn’t think something like this existed.  But I searched my brain and couldn’t find any memory of these gloves at all.  I feel shame.

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the mittens!  Thanks to reader “Cole Thompson” for the find!

Brine Leather L33 stars and stripes lacrosse gloves new vintage
I would wear these so hard...


    • I’d say wear them too, gear is suppose to be used.

      I’ve never seen anything like these before. I’m pretty sure the L-33 came out in the mid 90’s, maybe these were from the 1994 world games? I couldn’t find any pictures online, but I did fine some from the ’98 games are they had Warrior gloves for that.

      Nonetheless, great fine Cole.