End Caps – No Shave Novembeard + Contests!


No Shave Novembeard is here! For the first time in my life I think my face has accumulated enough peach fuzz to shamefully attempt to grow facial hair, and not shave at all this month. Stay tuned for my pathetic, hairless updates. It’s starting to get cold, so it’s time to break out the woodies so your shafts don’t snap in the cold! Crosse Studios released Flick Lacrosse for free on Android, building more hype for Lacrosse ’14. End Caps time, here we go.


What’s Goin’ On?

NLL players and coaches react to the new collective bargaining agreement

UK’s University of York names lacrosse as 5th major sport focus

NCAA growth assists Washington HS recruits

Estevan Box Lacrosse honoured provincially and nationally

Helping Hands

Hicksville, New York hosts the Michael Magro Foundation’s Thanksgiving Lacrosse Alumni Game

Michigan lacrosse has some great dudes!

Wesleyan Cardinals assist in throwing Halloween party for local special needs school

Radford’s Play It Forward tournament raises money for student’s father diagnosed with Lymphoma 

Oh Captain, My Captain

A few more schools named their captains for the 2014 season, including my Buckeyes:

Boston U – Elliott Burr, Casey Irish, Ryan Johnston

Brown – Sam Hurster, Dan Mellynchuk,  Phil Pierce andPeter Vivonetto

Ohio State – Joe Meurer and Greg Dutton

Sacred Heart – Jared Carrier, Matt Gannon, Mike Mawdsley, and Andrew Newbold

Sonoma State – Connor Kuehnle, Ed Meyer, Sam Willon, and Blane Sando

Epoch Lacrosse, Battling Breast Cancer

October is over, but the struggle to eliminate women’s cancers is not. Epoch Lacrosse is helping to bring awareness to this disease in an effort to find a cure.

The gang at Epoch  have created their 3rd edition custom Dragonfly Breast Cancer Awareness shaft. This bold yet simple shaft is designed to grab your attention as the player, pays tribute to a loved one who has been afflicted by this horrible disease. We have seen athletes rocking pink this month, but the mission doesn’t end here. Epoch released this year’s custom Dragonfly, embodying all that movement represents.

Epoch Lacrosse Breast Cancer Shaft
Limited 3rd Edition Dragonfly

We are giving away one of these unique shafts, all you have to do is submit a story of how breast cancer has effected your life or the life someone you know for a chance to win one. You don’t have to be directly related to someone who has battled the disease, maybe you have been a part of some sort of fundraiser or effort to raise awareness around women’s cancers. Let us hear it, the winner will be announced in the Weekly Draw by mid-November.

The winning story will also be featured on the website, highlighting the achievements of the recipient of the custom shaft! Submit your unique experience through the tip line no later than Monday November 11th (11/11, make a wish!).

Turbosgoalie2, Come On Down! 

We have our winner for the #StringItForward autographed stringer’s pack. Turbosgoalie2, with the better late than never entry, is our winner! His LAS pose, box goalie gear, and Jack-O-Lantern string job won our hearts. The 5 runners up got to take home a $25 gift card to Lacrosse.com.

Sock Monkey Style!

Congrats Turbo! You won a stringer’s pack autographed by some of the top players on the LXM Pro tour.

Grow One!

beard kid
Duck Dynasty, the early years

According to Noshember, here are the rules:

Nov 1: Razors are stowed, indifference ignited. Noshember begins.
Nov 1-7: The week of scratching that itch. Push yourself, control the desire to shave and relieve the itchiness.
First Wednesday:  Itch hump day.
Nov 7: Day of Gnashing of Teeth.
Nov 14: Finally the men don’t look ridiculous (boys may look rediculous).
Nov 14:  Finally the women do look ridiculous.
Thanksgiving: Quoth Flan: “Moms and grandmothers just don’t understand.”
Nov 27: Finally the boys or follicularly-challenged do look ridiculous.
Nov 30: Photograph day. Take your best hair exhibiting celebration photos. You have truly completed something great.
Dec 1: Great festival of many razors, shaving commences.
Dec 2-24: Careful planning and shaping of your follicle resources grown and nurtured above your upper lip.
Dec 25: Mustache Christmas Morning. The subsequent greatest day of the year. Time to creep some people out.
Let the race begin

To learn how to grow and maintain a beard, consult the experts.


Defensive Heads, Gonzo Mesh

New Gloves

Concussions in Lacrosse: Part 1 of 3

Important Note

If you’ve made it this far, hear this: We want End Caps to serve as a resource for you to catch up on what’s going on in the game. Feel free to post any videos, comments, pictures or stories here in the LAS Community, and we’ll use them for upcoming editions. Stay in shape this month, fat season is almost here (Thanksgiving through New Years)!

Now get out there and hit the wall!