End Caps: Welcome Back, Lacrosse Season!


Ahh….Lacrosse Season Is Here!

…and it couldn’t feel any better. Now that football season is behind us, let’s focus on lax. The NLL is in full swing and it has really been an exciting season, meanwhile the NCAA and MCLA are kicking off, so now is the time for that sweet lacrosse action.

Let’s get to what we may have missed, shall we?

Fantasy NLL League – Week 7

Well, I forgot to update my roster last week, and it didn’t help that some of my guys didn’t play.

NLL Fantasy 2014

I really should have picked up Casey Powell when I had the chance, and I started playing Priolo when he finally chilled out….oh well!

Weekly Leaders

Week 6: Johnny Jacobs
Week 5: Lowell Konyk
Week 4: Cade Dairy
Week 3: Ivan Negrojevic
Week 2: Ivan Negrojevic
Week 1: Kurt Pohs

If you lead the league in one of the first 6 weeks, contact us to claim your prize!

Markbuster Video (Exclamation Explosion)

Top 10 of Week 6….and they keep gettin’ better!

Redbeard always delivers, ALWAYS!

The road is long, the road is tough, it’s the Road to the Rockies!

A little Outlaws highlight reel never hurt anyone!

Ben Hunt did hurt people tho….!

We all love Billy Bitter too!

NLL Live…duh!

Throwback Towson vs. Hopkins!

Connor Martin scores in tight!!!

What’s up with UMass?!?!

All Hail The Great Casey Powell

Casey Powell has nine points in NLL return to Colorado Mammoth
Photo via @NLL

Growing up in the 90’s and early Millenium, there weren’t a ton of lacrosse players for a kid from the Midwest to look up to. When I started playing the names I knew were the Gaits, Mark Millon, Jay Jalbert and then there were the #22 wearing brothers from Syracuse, the Powells. At the time I was too young to remember Casey playing for ‘Cuse, but I do remember brothers Ryan and Mikey tearing up the NCAA while Casey was making waves playing in the pros. At that time everyone looked at pro lacrosse like it was glorified pick up, but to a young kid obsessed with lax, Casey might have well been in the NFL, NBA or any other league…to me he was one of the greatest athletes out there.

The video above shows just how much one man means to a lacrosse community…

When I saw CP22 was sitting out the 2014 NLL season, I wasn’t too surprised, the man is getting up there in years for a professional athlete. Hearing about Casey’s transfer to the Florida Launch didn’t come as much surprise either, he is the Lacrosse Director at a local Florida High School, so that seemed to be a perfect fit. Yet, when I learned that Casey was returning to the NLL last week, I was a little taken-back. I wasn’t sure that it was a great idea considering the smaller rosters and Casey missing a few weeks of highly competitive action. I was wrong for doubting him, CP put up 9 points in his 2014 debut, a hat-trick in the first half and finishing with six total assists. In my mind, those numbers can only be obtained by a G.O.A.T.

I hope to run in to Casey one day to meet a hero of mine, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time around Mike and Ryan, but meeting big brother Casey has always been on my bucket list. You can tell how passionate he is about this great game, just by watching how he plays, and I couldn’t respect that more. Check out Casey make every young gun out there look bad by shooting, getting his own rebound, then burying it in the net! G.O.A.T. indeed!

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Important Note

If you’ve made it this far, hear this: We want End Caps to serve as a resource for you to catch up on what’s going on in the game. Feel free to post any videos, comments, pictures or stories here in the LAS Community, and we’ll use them for upcoming editions. If you even read this, post in the forum, maybe you’ll get some stickers(does anyone read this?) ;) Lax season is almost here!

Now get out there and hit the wall!