European Lacrosse League Heads to Berlin This Weekend!

deutschland_adler_lacrosse artjom merjasch
DALC and LAS. Friends for life.

The European Lacrosse League added their fifth and sixth franchises this year, and one of those new teams is the Deutschland Adler LC! DALC finished 3rd in their inaugural ELL tournament, and this weekend, they will host ELL 2012 Tournament #2 in Berlin, and this marks the first time the ELL has ventured into Germany!

ell_berlin flyer

The league is primarily made up of Czech teams, and the Czech Republic definitely leads the way when it comes to European box lacrosse, but other countries are also starting to pick up the game more and more, and DALC’s early success, combined with a goof showing this weekend in Berlin, could do big things for box lacrosse in Germany overall.

Jamie Plunkett has put together a great group for DALC’s first season, and we love their uniforms, which are primarily green, and accented by Germany’s national colors of red, yellow and black.

deutschland_adler_lacrosse artjom merjasch
Artjom Merjasch with the LAS on his back!

Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend, and make sure to follow DALC on Twitter and on Facebook for updates on their first season in the ELL!

Can Jamie Plunkett lead the ELL in scoring again this weekend?