Face-Off Factory Winning the Draw in a Town Near You

Face-off Factory lacrosse facing off camp

Editor’s Note: Our friend Heeyoung Kim dropped us a note to fill us in on what he has been doing with the Face-Off Factory this summer. I’ll let Hee take over to fill us in.


Face-Off Factory is amid the first leg of our summer tour. Our coaches, who are some of the top Division 1 face-off specialists, have already trained players at events in California, Florida, and Texas.

Now we are at the next leg of our summer tour, which includes Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Oregon, and California. Due to the recent success we will also be adding more events in August.

On this leg of our tour we have partnered with some great tournaments – MVP3 in Delaware, Philly Invitational Showcase, Champ Camp in Maryland, and Adrenaline in Illinois and California, and Oregon Lacrosse Classic in Oregon.

At these events Face-Off Factory will be holding our Face-Off Challenge the day prior to the tournaments. This provides us with a unique opportunity for our coaches to attend the tournament the next day and follow the progress of our players as well as aid them so they may excel at the face-off X.


At our Face-off Challenge our coaches will touch on the entire spectrum of facing off, including all the different stances, moves, counters, post draw play, wing play, shooting, defense, communication, flexibility, and strength training. Giving our athletes the tools to be the most complete face-off players is at the core of our philosophy. After the training, our face-off Challenge cumulates into a knockout style competition to name the best player of the day.

In addition, top performers at our Face-off Challenge will not only be awarded a prize, but their names will be sent out to college coaches and recruiters attending our tournament partners.

For more information or if you would like to attend the face-off camp and combine please visit the website. Updates can also be found by following them on FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Instagram.