LAS Exclusive: Facing Off With Max Seibald



Alright, let’s get right into this. Everyone knows who Max Seibald is, right? 2009 Tewaaraton award winner. Led Cornell to the 2009 NCAA finals as the team’s single captain, the second time the Big Red had had just one captain since 1966. Selected 2nd overall by the Denver Outlaws in the 2009 MLL Draft. Yeah, he’s pretty much the end-all be-all of college lacrosse as we know it. You can learn more about his accomplishments here.

We caught up with Max Seibald to ask him a few questions. Below is our convo word for word:

LAS: So, you go out and say you got a haircut on Twitter and all of a sudden everyone is talking about it. Someone even writes an open letter to you on BroBible. Were you surprised by the uproar you caused?

Max Seibald: I was a little surprised with the response I got after tweeting about my haircut, however I understand where they are coming from.  I was a little hesitant at first, but I needed a little trim to clean it up, and I think I made the right decision.

What do you think about the “Flow Movement”? Are you leading it?

Max Seibald: I guess I am a supporter of the movement.  Flow is big because it adds to the look and if you look good, you feel good, you play good.  I won’t say I am a leader in the movement however I will say that I had flow back in high school so I will take some credit for being one of the first to bring back the flow.

You went from playing in the NCAA title game to competing with the pros pretty quickly, what was the transition like?

Max Seibald: The transition was pretty simple.  The guys on Denver welcomed me in with open arms and really made me feel comfortable so I was able to just go out there and play my game.  No special prep for the MLL was necessary because I was fresh off my college season.

 (Photo Courtesy Doug Pensinger, Getty Images)

Once you started playing in the MLL, what was your “welcome to the big leagues” moment?

Max Seibald: I guess my first goal was huge for me.  I scored a 2-pointer in my first game and that was when it first hit me that I was in the pros.  I got a great reaction from the crowd and my teammates, and it gave me a boost in confidence for the rest of the season.

Did you enjoy playing in Denver? What’s your favorite part of the city?

Max Seibald: I love playing in Denver.  The fans are great, my teammates and coaches are great, and the organization as a whole is amazing.  I had an unbelievable experience this past summer with Denver and I look forward to playing out there again next summer.  Favorite part of the city was by our hotel in downtown Denver at the 16th Street Mall.  It is a long street with tons of great stores and restaurants that a couple of the guys and I spent some time at during our downtime before and after games and practices.

What tunes have you been listening to lately?

Max Seibald: I usually am listening to music when I work out and the stuff that gets me going are the techno and dance songs we use to listen to back in the locker room at Cornell.  I would have to say the Black Eyed Peas new songs, anything David Guetta and Benny Benassi.
Favorite movie of all time?

Step Brothers.

Best place for late night grub in Ithaca?

CTP – Collegetown Pizza


  1. Having been in Denver to witness some lacrosse action – it is straight up ridiculous. I've never seen so much lacrosse in one place then during my visit for MCLA championship weekend. If I could choose anyplace to play pro, it would be there, 100%. No wonder Max is loving it.