Fan Asks For Air Gait, Jovan Miller Delivers


There’s a reason Charlotte’s Jovan Miller made our list of Pro Lacrosse Players to Follow on Twitter; after all, he’s a man of the people. Just a few hours before his game against the Lizards, he retweeted this fan’s “simple” request:

Some people ask for a birthday shout-out, others just want a retweet. Not Mike, though; Mike shoots for the stars, and we truly respect that. Hopefully he got to his seat on time, because it took less than two minutes for Jovan to deliver on the RT promise. Skip to about the :22 mark in this clip and check it out:

Jovan’s goal was the #5 play on SportsCenter’s Top Ten that night, his second appearance on the countdown this season, and maybe, just maybe, this was the first MLL goal based on a fan’s twitter request…

Nothing like giving the people what they want, and ON COMMAND! We salute you, Jovan Miller.

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Chris Rosenthall

Chris Rosenthall has been playing both indoor and outdoor lacrosse all over the East Coast for over 15 years. He has spent seven of those years coaching youth and high school programs throughout Northern Virginia, where he currently lives. You can find him on Twitter.

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  • the play was actually # 9 in that top ten list (which was dominated by boring baseball catches). The awesome part about that though was Stuart Scott’s comments during the list stating how his play should have been number two over baseball catches we have seen a million times.

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