FIL World Championships Update


After a long week of work I’m now sitting at home, listening to De La Soul’s best album (and least appreciated, I might add), Buhloone Mind State.  It’s awesome.  I’m also catching up on all the World Championships action and scouring the internet to see as much as I can.  Now I’m going to share it all with you.  You’re quite welcome.

Let’s get right to the point start out with the results.   The US dominated Australia and like I predicted in my review of the US-MLL All Stars scrimmage post, Max Seibald dominated.  He scored 5 goals and notched the first goal of the game after only 11 seconds off of the face off, also like I said.  I know, I’m awesome.  LSM Kyle Sweeney also scored 2 goals in the game and Brendan Mundorf (who played for Australia in 2006 – I think his dad is an Aussie) scored 3 goals and added 2 assists.

Canada dispatched Japan easily by a 17-4 margin.  Via the twittlez I learned that John Grant Jr has a huge dome and that’s why he doesn’t wear the team helmet.  It simply doesn’t fit his super human sized head so he wears his Peterborough Lakers Boxla/hockey helmet.  Interesting tidbit from AMcMillan44.  Now the question has to be, do hockey players have bigger heads than lacrosse players (other than JG Jr)? Oh, you want pictures?  Ok.  Canada-Japan photos right here.

England took on Blue Division newcomer Germany and had no problems taking care of the nOObs.  England won 12-3 and you can see some sweet highlights right here.  I’m going to hook you up with photos of the England-Japan game as well but only because I like you.

In the Orange Group Ireland, affectionately referred to as Long Ireland (because of all the Irish LIers on the team), dispatched Korea 21-3 and Slovakia took down Switzerland 10-4.  If Ireland doesn’t top this group I will be shocked.

Italy is in the first World Championships and they suffered from a rude welcome at the hands of the Czech Republic 21-3.  Ouch.  The Czechs, much like the Irish in their group, are expected to advance easily out of the Red Group.  Sweden also took on a brand new team in Mexico and the Swedes took home the W to a tune of 20-3.

The Plum Division only had one game played as the Iroquois were bumped to a play-in division because of their inability to travel.  I’m trying to find some positive in this but I simply can’t.  It’s an absolute crime that the Iroquois aren’t playing in this tournament.  Okay, I’m going to keep it together here. Hong Kong beat Norway 10-8 and that’s all I have to say about that.

In the Turquoise Group both Scotland and New Zealand won big over Latvia and France, respectively.  The New Zealand-Scotland game should be one of the better contests in the early qualifying games.

In the Grey Group Wales knocked of The Netherlands in a great game 10-9.  Both of those teams are pretty talented and should be the top 2 in the Group.  In other Grey Group action Argentina lost to Austria 16-5.

Finally, in the Yellow Group Finland took on Denmark and won easily 14-2.  Poland came out hot and knocked off Bermuda by a considerable 16-2 margin.  The Poles have some athletes and some American talent and they are definitely a team to look out for now and in years to come.

The World Championships lacrosse action will continue for the next week and a half culminating in the FIL Championship being broadcast stateside on ESPNU.  The two favorites, Canada and the US meet up on Saturday the 17th in what very well could be a preview of the game for all the marbles.

About the Author: Connor is a life-long lacrosse player who doesn’t know when to give up on the game. He played and coached at Wesleyan University and now plays for the Southampton LC in NYC. Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

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