Finding Undeniable: Support Broughton, Support Lacrosse


Under Armour has been running their “Finding Undeniable” competition all Fall, and at this point it’s down to TWO high schools, both of which are vying for $140,000 worth of new apparel and equipment from UA.

Human giant, Damian Hall, a former Loyola College lacrosse player, has been promoting Broughton Needham HS, in Raleigh, NC, in the competition, and now that they’re in the Finals, we think it’s time to step in and provide the LAS bump!

Broughton is matched up with First Presbyterian Christian Academy, and we’re backing Broughton for one simple reason: B-N offers lacrosse, while FPCA does not. For us, that makes this decision pretty undeniable as well.

Head on over to to vote for your choice, and help support a high school in need! Broughton has 2100 students, and it is the school’s goal to honor, to educate, to inspire. Well, we’re inspired! So get out there and help Broughton find undeniable.