Forum Friday: MCLA D2 Polls

Forum Friday

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This week, lax nation is all about the MCLA D2. Are the polls right? Are they wrong? You tell us!

DomeRap posted the following, along with some points to debate:

So the week 8 polls are in. A few thoughts.

Too high: Indiana Tech – all they have is “quality losses”, which we’ve agreed shouldn’t count for anything. I think they should be in the 19-22 range right now. If they don’t get a win in the next couple of weeks, they should be out.
Western Washington and SCAD should not be ranked with a cumulative record of 3-11. Concordia has a strong resume at 6-1 with it’s lone loss being to UST, but I think that in actuality they are more of a #7-11 range team. If they can hang tough with Westminster in a few weeks, I may be willing to take that statement back.

Several people have already joined the conversation to give their opinion on who is ranked too high, and who is ranked too low. Want to add something to the conversation? Click here.

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