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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while coaching over the last few years is that you can’t force players into a system that doesn’t match their talents. The fact that the high school or college team you played for ran a certain system flawlessly doesn’t necessarily mean the team you coach will.

So, what’s a coach to do?

Instructional DVD’s can cost an arm and a leg. I’ve snagged some in the past and have never felt like I got my money’s worth. However, there are some great free resources on the Internet that you should check out. Here are a couple of places to get you started:

1. Inside Lacrosse – One of the most well known lacrosse websites has an instructional area where coaches can pick up some new ideas for rides, clears, extra man situations, or even full on offensive systems. You have to sift through a lot of articles before you find what you are looking for but there are some hidden gems.


2. Kudda – This site goes out of its way to break the game down in to sections, and offers a number of videos in each area. For instance, there are 4 different lecture series on the riding game. Each lecture consists of the audio of a coach going over their plays, along with some slick animation to diagram what they are talking about. There are plenty of things on this site that would benefit a youth league all the way through varsity high school ball.

Check em out. Tell us if you pick anything up that worked for your squad.

Know of somewhere else to get great instructional information? Let it be known! Leave a comment below.

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