From The X! Chapman Edges Out BYU 12-11


In what was a spectacular whirlwind of a game, the Chapman University Panthers (2-0) narrowly edged out Brigham Young University (1-1) to take home the win Saturday night in Orange County.  I knew there was going to be blood and this game didn’t disappoint.

Side note: This is also the official premiere episode of From the X!, a series that is going to bring you the best lacrosse news from Southern California. We will cover anything and everything having to do with lacrosse – high school, college, club, and anything in-between is fair game.  If there is something you want us to cover drop me a line and we’ll be on it.

I’m not going to break the game down point by point, but here are some of the need-to-knows:

Chaptown drew first blood at 11:59 into the first quarter from #3 Andrew Clayton. BYU immediately answered back with a goal from Dan Cole at 11:46, and that’s how the whole game went. Neither team was able to get a comfortable lead.  It went back and forth. The first quarter saw the most action with 9 goals between the two teams, BYU went scoreless in the second and in the third both teams put one in the cage each.  The fourth was a nail biter up until Connor Martin put one in (his 4th) with :10 left in regulation to tie it up at 11 and sending it into overtime!  Both teams had ample time of possession in OT but it was Chris Small for Chapman that found the net with :11 seconds to kill in OT to take home the prize at 12-11.  You can check out more details at West Side Lax.

Zach Jordan Bringing It Downfield

On with the show. Here are some pre-game talks with the coaches:

It’ a contact sport…

It was a hard fought game to say the least. Some action after half time:

The final thoughts from the coaches:

What are some reader’s thoughts on the game?  I thought there were a couple opportunities for BYU to capitalize, but they couldn’t come up with it in the end.  Drop a line below.

The Connor Martin Fan Club. Look at these grommets, it just makes you smile…

The Connor Martin Fan Club

A Recap of the week’s games in So Cal:

Feb. 11.

BYU 13 over San Diego State 5

Feb. 13.

Arizona State 21 over UCLA 6

Oregon State 12 over USC 10

Cal State Fullerton 14 over Cal State Long Beach 4

Concordia 23 over UCI 3

Claremont 7 over University of San Diego 6

Chapman University 12 over BYU 11 duh

Feb. 14.

USC 12 over Washington 11

Santa Clara 9 over San Diego State 7

Finally, here’s a little something from Connor’s Mom:

About the author
: Middie D played lacrosse at BYU under the tutelage of former Head Coach Jason Lamb and Current Head Coach Matt Schneck.  He now lives in God’s paradise of Southern California, more specifically Orange County.  His favorite color is shocking pink, favorite food is candy corns, and likes watching telenovelas.

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  1. my thoughts on the game:

    both goalies were suspect early but they played better later on. I actually think the Chapman D looks better than they did last year. Overall they have good handle and throw good checks. They could stay on the hands more in between the slaps and takeaway checks. #10 for BYU was the best pole on the field. #11 was good and helped on f/os… Small was looking pretty good.

    BYU needs to pass when they clear the ball. Grow is great and is obviously capable of being a clear machine a la Matt Abbott but that is a waste of his energy. Save him for O, you need him. Let the Houghtons clear the ball. Or BYU could just clear the ball by passing it… I mean they have kids with good sticks so pass the rock to the open man when you're getting covered by 2-3 guys. Also, was #50 for Chaptown seriois with that 20 yard shot in the 4th? you rack disciprine.

    Connor Martin got a lot of attention and he moved the ball on a lot to let his teammates carry the load. He also went to the cage when needed. He played well. I liked his looping skip passes. reminded me of mikey powell when he got triple teamed. #13, Fiore, was quiet in the scoresheet but played well and maintained and offensive flow. If Small for Chapman were more confident shooting righty from 10 yards, he could have scored 6 goals but he also held for possessions so I can't really fault him.

    The names on the back of the helmets was more showy than I expected from BYU but I like a little flash so good on ya, Cougars!

    If Hilton can get a little more consistent, if BYU can win more F/Os and if Grow is allowed to focus on Offense, BYU has a chance. They need to address those areas because the Houghtons and #22 might not be ready to shoulder the offensive load alone.

    Chapman just needs to play smarter a little smarter. They play loose, which is great and that's their style but they force some silly passes and there is way too much underhand longstick passing. Way. too. much. That accounted for a couple BYU goals right there. Playing great D, forcing a turnover and then giving up a goal b/c a longstick wants to be flashy is ridiculous. If they keep spreading the ball on O, they should be good to go there.

    Overall, both teams looked good but had definite holes. Both will need to improve to get to a NC. Duh.