Full Title Game Video: Why Doesn’t JuCo Get Any Love?


Onondaga Community College just won their fifth straight NJCAA title in men’s lacrosse by topping Nassau CC 15-11 on Sunday. On Saturday, Nassau beat Genessee, and OCC took down Harford. OCC has now won a record 70 consecutive games (topping Salisbury’s old record of 69), and is sending a TON of kids to D1 programs. And yet, somehow, NO ONE in the media (outside of us) is really covering it!

I’ll be honest here… I don’t get it.

Inside Lacrosse loves to cover high school lacrosse, and they say they do so because these are the college stars of tomorrow. Ok, well so are the JuCo guys! LPG and ILG focus on gear primarily, but there was very little on either site all year long. Even Laxpower, the old stand by for all the basic information, had nothing posted on the NJCAA playoffs. If these sources can cover every first round D1 game, you’d think they could dedicate some time to the NJCAA title game as well.

If you’re wondering why I’m so amped up about this, it’s because JuCo lacrosse is really good, and only getting better. Don’t believe me? Just watch the title game, and then tell me I’m wrong. I dare you…

Yeah, some of those guys are ABSOLUTE ballers, and many of them will be some of the D1 stars of tomorrow. So why don’t they get any love from the other major media outlets? Why were we the only ones to run weekly JuCo Reports? What does JuCo lacrosse have to do to get some coverage?

Honestly, I’m not sure. The quality of play is high. Many NJCAA players go on to have successful NCAA careers. There is quality on Long Island, throughout the rest of New York, and in Maryland. The hot beds are covered. Big names are abundant. The stories are amazing. JuCo lacrosse really has it all.

We’ve loved being your source for NJCAA lacrosse this year, and we hope you have enjoyed the coverage. We’ll be back next year with even more NJCAA lacrosse talk… hopefully we’re not the only ones!


  1. In Maryland, the lax market is flooded. JUCO takes a back seat to all the D1 and D3 action. Also, if you wanna see the D1 stars of tomorrow, you watch the MIAA, not JUCO. JUCO is where you go when you can’t keep up your grades. For most, it’s where your lax career goes to to die. Those last 2 statements are written from personal experience.

  2. I think the reason JuCo doesn’t get much coverage is because of how top heavy it really is. Yes, Division 2 is pretty heavily with the top few teams, but in JuCo is miles away from everyone else. Players are only at schools for a year or two so the turnover is very high, thus making it hard to follow for fans (since they can’t find familiar names year in and year out.)