Gait vs Harrison. K18 vs. G22. Who ya got?


The two major lines for STX gear this season would without a doubt be K18 and G22. Even with the rise of the new Viper line, both the G22 and K18 lines are still the tops on the market. Kyle Harrison (#18) is currently playing for the MLL’s L.A. Riptide. Garry Gait (#22) has been the Michael Jordan of lacrosse for a long time and was last seen coaching the Syracuse Women’s lacrosse team and playing on the Rochester Knighthawks.

Gait vs Harrison. K18 vs. G22. Who wins?Gary “Air” GaitKyle Harrison

Gait or Harrison? Whose gear will help you improve your game?

The K18 line includes:

  • STX K18 12" Lacrosse Glove K18 Gloves(see video) Includes sweat vents that keep your hands cool and sweat free. They are very flexible with plenty of protection. The leather palms can wear down over time and create a slippery surface. This makes it hard to keep a good grip on alloy shafts. You can get these for $160.
  • STX K18 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad
    K18 Shoulder Pads
    (see video) Extremely breathable and light with a floating armor plate system that disperses the impact of hits in equal areas across the chest. Microbe shields protect against any smell and eliminate them. Pick this piece of gear up for $130.
  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Pad K18 Arm Pads(see video) Covers the area around the elbows, and about 2 inches up on both sides. Hidden armor plates underneath make it very stylish and flexible. They also have their own vents on both sides. Get these for only $60.
  • STX K18 Arm Guard K18 Arm Guards – Covers the entire arm to an inch above the wrist. With the armor cap over the elbow section, it can be a bit bulky at times but does a great job at protecting. Vents keep your arm cool at all times. Upgrade from the arm guards for only $90.
  • STX K18 Titanium Crankshaft Complete Lacrosse Stick
    K18 Complete Crankshaft
    (see video) The Crankshaft is meant to feel like you have the ball in the palm of your hand. With it’s curved top of the shaft as well as the curved bottom of the head, it creates a bend that allows for the perfect amount of whip and power. The complete stick is $180. Using the head with another shaft, or vice versa is impossible due to the design of the curved ends.

The G22 line includes:

  • STX G22 12" Lacrosse Glove
    G22 Gloves
    – Sweat vents, just like the K18’s keep your hands cool and sweat free. The entire line is made from High Def Polymers. This is just fancy talk for a really nice material. The mesh on the palm is much better than K18’s leather palm. It never wears down and will always grip any material shaft perfectly. Pick these up for $170.
  • STX G22 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad - MediumG22 Shoulder Pads(see video) The shoulder pads are my favorite part about this line. They are the lightest pieces of equipment I’ve ever worn in my life. The material, High Def Polymer, is extremely light and ventilated but I don’t feel like they provide much protection. If you would rather have lightness and flexibility over protection then go for it. Get them for $130.
  • STX G22 Lacrosse Arm Pad
    G22 Arm Pads
    – The arm pads are a mini version of the G22 arm guards. They provide even MORE flexibility than the guards, but with even less protection (if that was even possible). The pads cost $70.
  • STX G22 Arm Guard
    G22 Arm Guards
    (see video) Very similar to the K18 armguards, these provide the same amount of protection with the same amount of weight. The guards cost $100.
  • STX G22 Shift Complete Lacrosse Stick
    G22 10° Head
    (see video) The G22 head has the K18 crankshaft design, but also includes it’s own open throat design. It makes it the lightest head on the market.

The Final Verdict, Gait vs Harrison:

  • Gloves? G22 Gloves – It really bothered me how the K18 gloves have a leather palm which can wear down. The mesh on the G22’s can never wear down and always provides a great grip.
    STX G22 12" Lacrosse Glove
  • Shoulder pads? K18 Shoulder Pads – The G22 shoulder pads were much to revealing of the stomach, and they did not absorb the shock of hacks as much as the K18’s did. The K18’s actually look like pads too, and not cheap Styrofoam.
    STX K18 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad
  • Arm pads? K18 Arm Pads – I choose pads over guards because of size and flexibility, and K18 over G22 because of how the G22’s has the visible elbow cap poking out. The K18 elbow cap is hidden under its material.
    STX K18 Arm Guard
  • Shaft / head? K18 Crankshaft with G22 head. I would mix the two together because the open throat design of the G22 head provides for a lighter feel than the K18.
    STX G22 Shift Complete Lacrosse Stick



  1. K 18s all the way. I have been using the armguards for almost three years now and haven’t seen anything that can match there mobility and breathability. I don’t know much about the gloves and shoulder pads but as far as the armguards go…….nothing compares to the K18

  2. Love the photo of Gait. Glad to say I saw that game when I was in HS. I wish the gloves and arm guards offered better protect and last longer now. To much money for a set of gloves that won’t even make it one season. All the players on my team are always complaining about the gloves getting holes.