Game Photos: Hampden-Syndey College Lacrosse Tops Ferrum 14-3

Ferrum at Hampden-Sydney Lacrosse

The relatively new NCAA D3 Ferrum College lacrosse team took on the long established Hampden-Sydney College program with high hopes, but H-SC came out of the game with a resounding 14-3 win.  H-SC entered the game at 7-5 and just around the 30 mark via LaxPower’s Power Rankins, while Ferrum entered the game at 6-7 and sat around the 110 mark of the PRs.

This is only Ferrum College’s second year as an NCAA D3 program, and we love seeing them step up and take on established teams like Hampden-Sydney.  The only tried and tested way to improve a program is to play teams that provide a challenge, and FC has definitely done that in 2012.  In fact, they scheduled FIVE games with ODAC teams alone!  Sure, they didn’t win any of them, but they’re building to something here, and it could actually lead to the NCAAs faster than one might think!

You see, Ferrum is an independent, and that means they are eligible to receive a Pool B bid to the tournament.  Pool B bids are given to independents, and teams that in conferences that don’t receive an AQ.  For years, the NCAC has gobbled up the Pool B bids but soon they receive an AQ, and this opens Pool B up quite a bit, even if there is one less bid.  Whittier and Greensboro are some of the top teams left, but Ferrum is not that far behind.

Could Ferrum make the NCAAs in the next two to three years?  The answer there is easy: Yes.  They COULD make the NCAAs.  So the question becomes, will they?  If their current trajectory is any indication, I would have to answer in the affirmative there too.

All photos courtesy Kim Black.  Thanks for the D3 lacrosse photo love, Kim!