Game Review: Lacrosse Dodge


Editor’s Note: Lacrosse Dodge has gained a huge fan base since its release. Available for both iPhone and Android, lacrosse players everywhere have been able to purchase (or win!) the game and enjoy all the great roll dodging and shooting that Lacrosse Dodge has to offer.

We set up Joe Eck with the game to get a full review of every aspect of the game. For comparison’s sake, Joe played Lacrosse Dodge on his iPhone. Check out Lacrosse Dodge on Facebook and purchase the game for your iPhone or Android to see what all the hype is about.


Game Description: Lacrosse Dodge is the first high-quality, 3D lacrosse mobile video game. Featuring precision tilt gameplay and motion capture lacrosse animations, Lacrosse Dodge is the most entertaining lacrosse app on the market.

In Lacrosse Dodge, you will need to dodge your way through defenders and crazy obstacles as you rack up points the further you can make it. Score bonus points by picking up speed bursts, sniping goals and collecting coins.

Grab your lacrosse stick and prepare to dodge anything in your path to victory! See where you can rank on the worldwide leaderboards!

Setup/Registration… +2

Easy to use right from the get go. Offers a first round instructional and then you are good to go. Also offers a helpful tutorial to help those new to the game. All and all this game is fairly basic but its still nice to have a little instruction going into the game itself

Gameplay: +1.5

Gameplay is very limited but weirdly addicting. Not being very good at the game, I found myself playing this entire bus trips and many of my fellow teammates made it a competition. Scoring

Controls… +1

The controls take a while to get used to. I like the integration of the movement of the device to move the player. Not really sure when the roll dodge comes into play (it might be that I didn’t get far enough into the actual game…..I’m kind of bad) but every time I tried using it I ran into trouble. Also the controls for the roll dodge and shooting are very very similar and often I would be trying to rip cheddar and accidentally roll dodge into the cage.

Visual Effects… +2

Hands down the best graphics of any lacrosse game I have seen. Not to mention the sponsor graphics on the side was a nice added touch.

Music… +1

The music used throughout the game is by a group called nonstop to Cairo. I hadn’t heard of the group but after a little research became pretty interested. A little slow for a lacrosse video game but still a happy medium.

Overall… 7.5/10

Check out this game play experience. Pretty sweet for an indy studio. The promise for more lacrosse video games in the future looks bright.